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Posted by Dawn at Saturday, March 19, 2005
Woke up at 7am, packed a little and went down for complimentary breakfast at hotel. Breakfast was interesting. There was a long queue as the main breakfast served was cooked on the spot. Had to order what you want. Ate denver omelette (omelette with mushrooms and cheddar cheese on top), bacons (not salty at all), sausages, mashed up hashbrowns and 2 toast. Delicious.

After breakfast, we took our luggage to the airport to check in. Thank God for CT. He helped me carry so many luggages. It was carring total of 5 luggages in all! Checking in at LAX airport was quite fast as we used the computer terminal to print out our boarding tickets. Quite fun as we could choose our own seats by touching the screen. Love technology.

I slept almost the whole 3 hours flight from LAX to George Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport. Felt good and refreshed.The snack given in the plane was quite good. There was steak with melted cheese sandwich potato chips, baby carrots and a bar of chocolate. The sandwich was piping hot. That made a world of difference.

At Houston Airport, we had to go from Terminal E to Terminal B by taking a train. Waited for about 1 and a half hours for the flight to Mobile, Alabama. In Houston Airport, I saw Marriott Hotel just at the airport. People staying there can probably see the runway and planes. Heard it is expensive to stay there since it is so convenient for travellers.

On the flight to Mobile, Alabama, I was on board continental express and the plane was quite small. Probably about 20 plus people in it only. Only made up of 3 columns. One column against the windows and 2 rows joint together on the other side. It is pretty low as well as I hit my head when I stood up from my seat. I could also see the cockpit and pilots from where I sit. Very interesting. The plane flight from Houston to Mobile is only one hour. It was a pleasant flight since it was quite short.

CT was sitting behind me in the one row sitter and he looked so excited as we were making our way nearer to our destination.

When I arrived in Mobile Regional Airport, there were so many of them at the airport to receive us--the 1st batch of engineers sent in Feb and some of the people from Tate & Lyle. The funny thing is that we could collect our luggage all together, rather than the usual collection of luggage before meeting the people. No police or custom officers seen as it was such a small airport. We just walked out from the plane, met the welcome party and collected the luggage and went out. Real cool.

The team brought us to Ruby Tuesday Western restaurant. Me and CT sat in Pam's car. Pam is a wonderful lady working in Tate & Lyle. The food in Ruby Tuesday is very nice. I ordered a Ribeye steak while CT ordered a New Orleans Seafood which was just as yummy. Great place to eat in! After the meal, we went to our apartment called Cabanas Apartment.

The place we are staying is a very warm and comfortable place. It has a great kitchen, living room, dining room, laundry place and 2 rooms with 1 attached bathroom. The living area is carpeted together with the 2 rooms. Makes the place more cosy.

We started unpacking and CT was busy fixing the internet access.Slept only at about next morning. We reached on Friday. So we had two days to settle down before CT starts work.


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