Friday, March 18, 2005

Leaving for Alabama

Posted by Dawn at Friday, March 18, 2005
Left Singapore at 730am for Tokyo, Narita Airport. Flight was about 6 hours long. Initially, CT and I were supposed to sit far away from each other. However, when we boarded the plane, James was seating just behind CT. So I swopped with him and was waiting for who will be beside me so that I can do another swop. Thankfully, it was a couple-one sitting with CT and the other, with me. So, we did a mutual swop. :) We were sitting near the toilets in the middle (very convenient) with no one behind except the air steward seats..So, we could lie back with no constraints..not bad. Watched 2 movies on board the plane- Taxi and Mr3000. Enjoyed Taxi-very funny and entertaining.

Narita Airport is a very clean and nice place. Quite high tech. Wanted to eat Jap food there in airport, but CT said it was too expensive and not much time left. Some of them ate and the bill was charged to company. Sigh..should have eaten. I love Jap food and always impress at the nicely wrapped food in the shops selling desserts.

From Narita, I flew to LAX (Los Angeles) Airport. Flight took about 9 hours plus. CT and I were put next to each other but it had to be a front seat and the worse part was that, it was next to a baby. So, CT did not have a good sleep as he was sitting next to the crying baby. I watched Bridget Jones Diary 2- funny but silly. After that, I watched Finding Neverland, but fell asleep shortly as it was a silly show. Food served was great as it came from I had Japanese food. Was served Pork Katsudon with prawn sushi and tofu skin sushi as yummy.
Slept after meal and finally, I woke up to watch a Japanese romantic movie show- Be with you. It is a very nice and touching show. I watched it as CT told me that after he watched it, he feel he needed to treat me better. So, I had to see it! Enjoyed the show very much but could not watch finish as I reached LA already. Sob.. For once, I wanted to stay longer in the plane. I detest plane flights..but guess, all that has changed..hmm.


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