Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Went to work with CT

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Today is a special day. I actually get to go to work with CT to the plant. I have not even visited his plant in Jurong Island, and now, I actually have the opportunity to go to the plant in McIntosh. Cool. I was pretty excited. Woke up together as usual and made breakfast.

Had toast with peanut butter and Bovril. Yum. After that, Anthony came and picked us up. It was interesting as the rest of the people, including CT, was in the car to work and I felt strange. The plant was about an hour drive. Quite a boring drive as there were only rows of trees all the way.

The plant is neat! It is so clean and modern looking. There is even a nice huge pond and fountain. When I reached there at 8am, I was with CT and colleagues in a room. Training only started at 9am. So, we spent the time surfing the internet-find accomodation in Atlanta for this holiday weekendand placed a booking. I also went with CT to choose his safety glasses. There were so many different styles and choices.

Training was conducted by Sandy and it was on site awareness. I sat in and almost fell asleep. But I felt it was cool to be sitting in the room with CT and be in his office place. After training, Pam took me around with CT and introduced me to many of her colleagues. At around 11am, there was a presentation of Tate & Lyle safety achievements. There were speeches made by the managers and President of Sucralose.

After the speeches, we had BBQ lunch buffet style. There was a long queue consisting of all the workers (engineers, technicians) of Tate & Lyle. Lunch was great. There was a huge steak, potatoes, salad, bread and dessert. The steak was so thick but yet tender. I ate more than one-took some from CT. Most could not even finish one steak! Yup, I am a steak lover..

After lunch, we hanged around and then went out of the plant to buy steel-toed shoes for CT and his colleagues. The company is rather generous-giving them a pair of steel-toed shoes for work. So, they were taken to shop for one pair they like. I tagged along and helped CT to choose. Went over to a store next door to look at musical instruments. Love looking at guitars and drums. However, the store only sells full-bodied guitar. So, could not find one which Marianne would like. I was so tempted to buy one to play at home. Miss playing my guitar.

After shopping, we went to the Social Security Office to get our number. CT did not need to get one as he still kept his old card when he used to study in US. He kept it as a souvenir and thank God, that really helped him! With the number, he is able to take the driving test immediately. I feel God has really blessed us. God knows I will be bored at home and He provided internet access and cable TV to my apartment while the some of CT's colleagues cannot work their TV and all of his colleagues still cant access the internet. And now, He prompted CT to keep and bring his Social Security Card so that getting a driver license would be quicker.

Pam drove us around in a rented Chevrolet Van. Very nice and spacious. When she dropped us back at our apartments, she could not move. She was not feeling well. She parked the van and her husband dropped by to pick her up in their own vehicle. We were all so worried for her.

At night, we dressed up to go for dinner with the Big Shots from Tate & Lyle. Had dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House. It seems like a nice posh restaurant with waitress and waitresses treating us like VIPs. We went into a private room for dinner. Had crab claws and cheese mushrooms for appetisers. Ordered this really nice ribeye marbled steak(medium rare of course) and creamy spinach as sides. It has to be slightly rare for me to taste the juice of the steak...and marbled for the steak to be so tender and tasty. President and VP were there as well. We went one round of introduction and all of them were talking about their engineering background. But when it came to my turn, I could only speak about my teaching and why I came over to US--to support and feed my hubby :)

Throughout the dinner, Jim Davidson who works in the control room and this Mexican guy were entertaining me and CT. We talked so much and boy, Jim is a really comical and great guy. I asked him more about his diving and travelling experience. He loves food and has tried all kinds spicy food. That is exactly what I like-food, diving and wonderful places to visit. He talked about Cancun and that made me so interested to go. I do hope I will be able to go there with CT during our stay here. It has great beaches. I have heard of the place before on cable TV and I know people go there for honeymoon.

Had New York Cheesecake for dessert. Yummy but so full. After dinner, I felt sad as I wanted to hear more from Jim about the places he had been to. It was really a great dinner and company. Do not know when I will ever see them again since I do not think I will have another visit to the plant or have such meals with them. But I am glad Jim would be going to Singapore when the plant starts up.

Went back to the apartment so full and tired.


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