Friday, March 30, 2007

Another life experience..

Posted by Dawn at Friday, March 30, 2007
This morning, had breakfast with CT as it is his off day. After breakfast, went NTUC to get some stuff for the teachers at camp to munch. So I bought fruits and some crysanthenum tea drinks for them. I dropped CT back home before I drove to the camp site.

On my way along TPE, I went to the fastest lane and just minutes later, the car in front of me jammed brake and I had to jammed my brakes as well as the car came to a complete stop from the usual 80-90km/h we were all travelling. And immediately when I jammed brake, I looked in my back mirror and saw the car behind me was still travelling in his normal speed, I knew I will def get a hit from his car and yup, I did. It was a 5-car collision at the fastest lane along TPE.

The car behind me that hit my car was a Lexus and I saw the front seat passenger getting a hit on her head as their car was travelling the normal speed when it hit my car. I actually stopped in time without hitting the front car but all thanks to the Lexus, that my car had to hit the front car.

The jammed brakes was probably due to 2 cars who already at the side road and the silly Singaporean syndrome kicked in as the car drivers in front were all rubber neckers, being so KPO! One of the men who was already at the side road rushed over and asked us if we were ok. I was like..yah..cant believe this is happening but well, this is not a new experience for me getting jerked by a hit. I am thankful that I was driving a merc and not some light metal car. If not, my back will def be badly hit.

Definitely recollections of the train accident in US came flashing by in my memory.

The man who came to help us, actually stopped the whole traffic in TPE and signalled for us to go to the side road on the left. It was amazing how he controlled all the 4 lanes for us to move over. Anyway, after we did that, the man introduced himself as a claims adviser. He said he could help me settle all the paperwork and get my claims for me. Of course, I was more than willing for him to help as I was totally lost as to what to do. All of them were busy snapping pictures, while I just couldnt be bothered and just snapped one shot of my own car to show CT. Ha

My car bumper came off while the Lexus car number plate in front was totally gone, smashed and vanished. The car in front of me was a cute orange Nissan car. Not as badly smashed as I would imagine..just dented in the boot area. My car was the 3rd car in that sandwich.

After taking down our car numbers and contact numbers, the car adviser guy told me to drive and follow his car to his office cum workshop where he would help me settle. I asked if I needed to pay anything and he said no as he would claim everything from the last guy who hit me. So, I was relieved and drove right behind his car to his workshop nearby in Ang Mo Kio.

He was really nice and I felt he was God-sent. He told me that he was already at the side of the road as his client's car broke down and needed his help. So, he witnessed the accident. I think without him, I would be so lost and helpless. So, he helped me to fill up the paper work and told me to leave my car here as they would repair it and get the claims from the 3rd party. My car was in no state to drive further anyway as the bumper was already dragging the floor and I just felt insecure driving the car, feeling that the parts will just fall off one by one. Haha.

He helped me to get a rented car for me to drive-a Toyota Corolla. I transferred my stuff from my car to the rented car and drove home. In between all that was happening, I had to make calls to the teachers at the camp site whom I couldnt get as no one answered. So, I called my school and told my VP and asked for off from camp. She told me to go see a gynae to get the baby checked.

So, I drove home, met up with CT and we both went to East Shore Hospital for the checkup since my gynae was there. Another assurance from God was not only sending the car adviser to be at the accident scene but to allow CT to be off on the day of the accident so that we can both settle the stuff together. I was glad he was around to accompany to see the gynae together and spend the day together.

Ok, baby Caleb is fine after the checkup. So, all is well.

Actually, the funny thing is that CT always wanted to re-spray the car and change the bumper as it already had some scratches. So, we were both glad that it can now be achieve without us having to pay a cent. The other funny thing is that last night, I was quite upset that I had to go back to camp this morning and complained to CT that I didnt want to go for camp. CT said that he prayed for my safety last night and asked me,"eh, what did you pray for huh?" I said," I just complained to God that I had to spend the whole day in camp doing nothing and felt so worthless.." So, CT said, "yup, God answered your prayers and my prayers. He kept you safe and now, you have 2 days mc. So, you do not even need to go back to the camp at all."

So, truthfully, the rest of the day, I was quite happy being with CT and enjoying his company as last night, I was very sad that it was CT's off day and I had to spend the whole day in camp, including the campfire (since it was last night in camp).

What a blessing in disguise! :)


Hebrew_Star on Saturday, April 28, 2007 said...

Very, Very God blessed!!! I'm very encouraged by your testimony.

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