Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Day 2 of Bintan..our last day

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Woke up early this morning at about 7 am to catch the sun rise. I was a little sad as last night, my room air con was freezing such that when we went out this morning, my camera started to fog up. So, I couldnt really get good pictures of the beautiful sunrise that we saw. Here is what I could take with my foggy camera..

The next picture was actually a nicer one with the slanted coconut tree in the foreground and the sun was much stronger...but sigh, my lens refused to clear up..oh crap. Well, just use a little of your imagination and enjoy ;)

After catching the sunrise and walking in the beach, we went to swim in the pool which overlooks the beach. This is my first time swimming since my pregnancy and I was really looking forward to this so much so that I dreamt the night before I came to Bintan about it. I dreamt I forgot my swimsuit and was so upset with myself. Glad its just a dream.

I was looking forward to it as I love to relax in the pool and moreover so, now that I am pregnant and lack exercise. I was pondering as to whether to get a maternity swimsuit or not but didnt wish to waste such money on it as I have lots of swimming costumes already and didnt want to add another one to this 'collection'. So, instead, I wore my bikini which is of course free size for any pregnant women as size of tummy doesnt matter! haha..

bought this bikini in the states as I wore it to swim and tan there...since my apartment had 3 swimming pools and we stayed so near the beautiful white sandy beach of the gulf shores and 45 mins drive from florida. So, glad this came in handy now as I would NEVER wear it in Singapore...haha..unless there is absolutely nobody around staring at my flabs.

If you are wondering who took that picture for us..well, nope, its not a third party but we just left the camera on the beach chair and set it to timer.

Here are more pictures of the nice big pool overflowing out of the edges as if the water flows to the sea.

The bar area..

I know I havent written down the name of the resort I am staying yet. Well, this is because I thought of letting you guys guess. But anyway, I shall say it now. This is actually the Nirwana Gardens Resort. So far I have been to Bintan, I have always stayed in this same place because the price is most reasonable with good amenities that meets my needs.

I saw Bintan Lagoon but didnt choose to stay there last time and now cos it is a place for family and golfers since there is a golf course there and though I love to play golf and always dream of becoming pro (wishful thinking), I cant now. Maybe next time when my kid grows up...

Other places like Angsana and Banyan Tree doesnt meet my requirement because CT and I do not indulge in spas and I think in my lifetime, I may not do so as well. I just do not feel that I need one...and prob do not like the idea of people touching me and breaking my bones. Haha...dunno.

There are places like Club Med also in Bintan but that is also a place with family and if you are very active. Obviously I am not now.

Anyway, back to Nirwana...I like this place because it is huge and has a nice pool and a beach just in front of the resort. This is what I look for in the hotel plus its nice and wide range of buffet food for breakfast for free. They serve Japanese food, Nasi Lemak, Bee Hoon, Fried Rice, the usual sausages, potatoes, curry chicken, bread pudding, etc..and stalls which will make sunny side up for you or omelettes with your own choice of fillings, as well as pancakes stall...and also the whole array of different bread, muffins, cakes, fruits and cereals.

After such a filling buffet breakfast, we went to walk around in our hotel and take more pictures..

This is a picture taken at the balcony at our room.

This is the view from our room..can see the beach from here..

Picture of the beach..

After walking for a while, the weather was too hot..so we went back to our nice cool room and chill out...or in our terms, NUA... We actually slept for a good hour before we changed and checked out of our hotel.
Though the trip was so short, I enjoyed and appreciated the time we could just getaway for a night as I knew there was no other time we could do so.
Guess the next time I come back here, will be with Caleb.


Day on Tuesday, March 20, 2007 said...

oh my u dont look pregnant at all!

Dawn Ling on Wednesday, March 21, 2007 said...

yeah..the art of good phototaking..haha..

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