Monday, March 05, 2007

lying so 18 weeks

Posted by Dawn at Monday, March 05, 2007
Went to the gynae today for the usual checkup. My weight gained was suddenly so abrupt that the gynae told me to watch it. Sobsob. That was why that night after the visit, I had brown rice porridge for dinner at bedok central which made me hungry even after eating. sigh. So far, I have put on about 4 kg since pregnancy and for my first trimester, I only gained 1 kg. So that was why the sudden 3 kg jump kind of left me off with a warning by the gynae.

Anyway, I must say I have been rather disciplined in my eating. I do not crave for any food and I just eat as per normal. Maybe snack a little when it comes to 4pm. But other than that, everything is normal.

Gynae confirmed that the baby is a boy..much to my relief because I have heard of stories that the gynae tell them one thing and after it is borned, they realised it is a diff gender. I dont wish for that to happen to me.

Took a scan of baby and boy, it was big and straight! It was amazingly lying so straight...check it out!

The head all along used to be on the left side, but it seemed to have turned and now it is on my right. Can you see the spinal cord? Babies are supposed to be curled up in the womb I thought so was really surprised at this picture.

Pamela told me that after this, I wouldnt be able to catch the baby in the scan as he would grow too big.

Caleb is now about 12 cm for the record.


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