Saturday, July 11, 2009

Animal Resort at Jalan Kayu

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, July 11, 2009
Weekends are a great time spent with the family as we either spend time together playing at home or go out and engage in some outdoor activities.

Today, we decided to bring the kids to the animal resort at Jalan Kayu. Anyway since CT hasnt been there as the last time I brought Caleb was when CT was away in US and Danielle wasnt born yet.

When we reached the place, we were first greeted by the horse as the head was leaning towards the carpark area.

You could always buy animal feed from the shops but if you are a little stingy on that and would like to save money. Well, what we did was to pick up all the dried grass from the floor (which was littered by people feeding the animals). So one sweep with our bare hands and we managed to pick up quite a lot of grass for the animals. So here's Caleb feeding the goats

Danielle was quite curious and alert as its her first time seeing so many different kinds of animals, since she hasnt been to the zoo.

Then there was also a rabbit on the loose. Can you see it?

As the weather looked threatening, we didnt stay too long. We visited the horse once again before we left. Caleb and Danielle managed to have a go at feeding the horse! So happy that they actually experienced that!

I am also glad that I have kids who are curious and not afraid of trying something new as I believe that learning would take place if they possess these 2 attributes. So, dont stop your kid from exploring things as I know of parents who are afraid of this and that. Of course, there has to be boundaries. But as long as its not life threatening or if it doesnt compromise their safety, you should always encourage them to play and get themselves 'dirty'!


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