Saturday, July 18, 2009

Same Birthday

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, July 18, 2009
My colleague and my sis-in-law's birthday all falls on the same day as Caleb's. How coincidental.

Today, we planned to have lunch at Pu Tien Restaurant in Tampines Mall. I booked the place long ago. However, my aunt-in-law just passed away this morning due to leukemia which she had about 2 years ago already. So, my mum-in-law spent the whole day at the wake. However, the rest of us carried on the lunch with a slight solemn atmosphere.

Here's Danielle and Caleb all dressed up and ready to go out!

Danielle seemed pretty excited and happy!

We went early to Tampines Mall as I dropped by at Sistic Outlet to get tickets for 2 concerts- Hi-5 concert which I will be bringing Caleb to (as he is addicted to hi 5) and also Il Divo concert which I will be going with my mum for her pre-birthday celebration since I know she loves Il Divo as much as I do too! hehe. Both tickets amounted to almost $500!

Anyway, at the mall, Caleb and Danielle had fun playing together in the car

At Putien Restaurant, I was in charge of ordering since I was the one who recommended the place and I have eaten there once. There were 7 of us and I ordered...

sweet and sour pork with lychees which was really nice. Its probably one of the best sweet and sour pork I have tasted.

Then ordered spinach with 3 kinds of eggs. Another common dish but yet, the gravy is so thick and tasty that you feel you are eating this for the very first time.

There was also homemade beancurd which I ordered especially for the kids.

Then, I ordered a steam sea bass, also mainly for the kids but also for my bro-in-law whom I know loves to eat fish.

When you go Putien, you have to try their pan fried bun! Its a taste I dunno how to describe...but its yummy and simple!

And lastly, dont leave the place without trying their lor mee (if you like noodles with gravy). If you like your noodles dry, then order their putien fried bee hoon!

Halfway during lunch, Caleb became cranky and fell asleep. So the cake which my sis-in-law bought, had to be cut later since the birthday boy is not up to cut his cake.

So after lunch, we went to my sis-in-law, Ally's new place to visit as well as to cut the cake.

Their place is very spacious and windy!

So the kids had a nice time running about.

Here's the cake Ally and her hubby, Klein got for Caleb and Linda. (or should I say, the cake was probably for Caleb!)

Here are the birthday babies!

And lastly, a picture with all the kids!

There's Ally's son, Keane on the right who is about 3 months old, but has the same weight as Danielle, who is 7 months old! And then, there's Keelia, who is same age as Caleb but younger than him by about 2 months.

I really enjoyed myself today since the food was great and the company was fun, since there were kids around to liven the atmosphere!


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