Saturday, July 04, 2009

comments about my children

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, July 04, 2009
People have been giving different comments about Danielle and Caleb when they see both of them together. My neighbour who was in the same lift as us even commented that Caleb and Danielle look like twins! Some commented that they are both very good looking.

One of my colleagues say they look like characters from "Precious Moments" as they have droopy eyes. I, as a typical parent, would just simply brush it off by saying, "Huh? Really ah?" or "Are you sure?" or "ok la, so-so" etc..

Frankly speaking, I think they do, in some way, look a bit like each other and they are fairly decent looking. I wouldnt say they are THAT handsome or super pretty...but they are cute to me because they are so small and innocent and I'm sure most parents would think the same about their children. Guess none would say that their children are ugly.

So bottom line, I thank God for my children every day and good looking or not, that isnt important. What's important is the heart and my prayer for them is that they will be kind, loving and patient towards others and they will always put others first above themselves.


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