Saturday, October 10, 2009

Couple time

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, October 10, 2009
This afternoon, we went to my mum-in-law's place for lunch. Caleb left the place with Keelia's sunglasses on. He refused to take it off.

Its strange how he liked wearing it that no matter how the sunglasses keep falling off, he still insists on wearing it.

Even Danielle noticed something strange on Caleb that she kept staring at him.

That's my boy at this stage in his life.

At night, CT and I left the kids at home with Vicky and went on a date to Orchard. We took the train there. Purpose of this date was to eat wagyu beef.

We first went to Orchard Central- a newly opened mall in Orchard. Quite a number of stalls still empty.

They had interesting narrow path ways in the shopping mall.

And took a picture of this gothic looking pot hanging beside the escalator.

We heard that there's a restaurant in Orchard Central that serves Wagyu beef, called "Grill out" restaurant. We went there and I felt the restaurant looked empty and still new. So, I went with my gut feeling and decided I shall stick to the original plan which was to go Angus Steak House for the beef since they had good ratings after doing some research over the internet.

So after a tour of Orchard Central, we went to Takashimaya for our wagyu beef at Angus Steak House.

What prompted us to eat Wagyu Beef is because CT had $250 to spend. His company gave him that amount to spend for a meal with the family to celebrate the opening of their new plant. All along I wanted to eat Wagyu Beef since its the holy grail of beef. So, I had to eat it since after hearing about the money we had given by the company!

We ordered 200g of Wagyu Sirloin and 200g of Wagyu Rib Eye. We chose these because Sirloin and Rib Eye is the fattest part. I love beef that has lots of fats!

It was a 5 course dinner. The first dish was a nicely pan fried cuttlefish ball with horseradish mayo sauce and salmon roe on top of french beans. Pardon me for such a description of the dish as they do not have a writeup of what we are eating and I didnt ask. So I am just describing as how I eat and taste of it! A very light, tasty and delicate dish. Loved it!

2nd course was a cream of mushroom soup. It was rich and tasty, but yet , it feels light as after slurping up the soup, you still want more! Went well with the complimentary bread roll.

3rd course was a fresh and light salad with soya sauce and balsamic vinegar taste to it.

Both CT and I seemed to chow down every dish almost immediately. Our behaviour probably didnt fit in at the nice and classy restaurant as we ate so fast but couldnt help it as the food was just so nice.

And finally, our main dish arrived!

Biting into the wagyu beef was practically effortless! It seems like I finally understood what "melts in your mouth" meant.

This was Wagyu Sirloin

And Wagyu Ribeye

Eating such steak, doesnt require any knives because of how tender it is.

Every bite that I took off the steak, I kept commenting to CT how happy I was to indulge in this and that I could just die now.

As for dessert, we had a cake with fruits and chocolate and butter sauce which once again tasted rich but light! Its quite an oxymoron because most rich dishes end up making you very full. But the texture was so light and fluffy that it didnt make me feel stuffed.

Oh, forgot to mention that I actually met one of my ex-students during our dinner. Guess I should get used to it since Singapore is so small and I will probably stay in teaching for some time.

After a satifying meal, we walked to another new mall-Ion Orchard to take a look. Initally, I felt unworthy to enter since it was all branded shops, but considering how often we come to Orchard, I felt, I might as well drop by inside to see.

The shops in Ion Orchard were very interesting. They even had a Christmas shop. When I saw it, I felt like I was in the streets of London during a cold winter night, glancing at the windows of this shop that sells Christmas ornaments, trains etc.

We spent time at the art gallery as well as the supermarket. I usually make it a point to explore new supermarkets because I always feel it would be an eye opening experience to see what interesting things they sell and yes, I was right! I managed to see not only the usual green, red and yellow bell peppers but black, purple, white and orange ones! Also saw them selling Japanese grapes which was royal black and I understand from the sales woman that the taste is just like red wine! If I was shopping alone, I would definitely buy some of it to try!

Went home straight after our tour of Ion Orchard. Really enjoyed my date with CT! Wonder when will be the next time...


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