Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival 2009

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, October 04, 2009
Mid-autumn festival should be more fun for the family as the kids get older since they can get to play with lanterns and get involved with fun activities with other children. The night before, I went to my mum-in-law's place for a celebration down at her block.

Caleb excitedly ran to join the rest of the kids in front of the stage as there was a guy telling stories and making balloon sculpture.

The next day, had lunch over at mum-in-law's place as usual, after church service.

My mum-in-law's style of cooking is very clean, straightforward simple dishes- A vegetable dish is just a vegetable dish with garlic and maybe fish cake. On the other side, my mum would add a lot of ingredients in one dish. So if she cooks a vegetable dish, you would find carrots, all kinds of mushrooms, fishcake, roast pork all in one dish. Haha.

Frankly speaking, I like simple, traditional food. So that is probably one reason why I eat lots of rice at my mum-in-law's place. I like my mum's cooking as well but because she cooks a lot, I do not usually eat rice at her place. I just drink her cantonese style soup and various dishes which would be enough to fill me.

In the afternoon, CT and I took the children for a walk to a nearby shopping centre.

After that, there was a nice playground on the way home and we dropped by to let Caleb have some fun while we sat down on the benches and ate our Old Chang Kee curry puff and fried squid heads, with bubble milk tea!

There's Danielle trying to escape from her pram.

At night after dinner, we had our mooncake with Pu Er Chinese Tea. Just a small, simple tradition which I have kept so far. Look how pretty the mooncake is. My mum gave that to me. Its not only pretty, but tasty.

I really do enjoy and treasure every minute with CT and the children. Thank God for bringing them into my life.


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