Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Old School Gatherings..

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Recently, I met up with my Primary School classmates. We were in the same class from Primary 1 to 4 in Tao Nan Primary. The last time we met up was a year back and this time round, another one of our primary school classmate joined us.

We met at Shokudo at Raffles City. Its a Marche-like Japanese theme marketplace where you just go around with a card and purchase what you want to eat from various stalls. I bought yakitori and beef steamboat for my dinner.

It was quite expected what we would talk about the whole night during dinner-our teachers, our good old days, our other classmates, wedding plans, having children..etc.

To reminisce the past, we each got our IC out. It was quite amusing as we all looked so cute and small. My IC was changed once before as I lost my old one, so I didnt have my primary school photo on it whie the rest didnt bring along their IC.

Another amusing thing we did was to take out a writing pad and wrote down our handwriting as we could all remembered how each other's handwriting looked like in the past.

It was an interesting gathering.

Another recent gathering was attending Bernard's wedding, where all my JC mates, mostly swimmers, gathered and caught up with one another. His wedding so happened fell during the F1 night race. So he had to choose a hotel more convenient for the guests, which was at Sheraton Towers and there were F1 updates throughout the dinner.

My friends also wanted to sabotage Bernard by making him drink this up-red wine plus sweet sauce, plus chilli and orange juice, but he cleverly avoided us. Sigh.

I left before the noodles dish came as I wanted to avoid the jam in the car park. Still, I did enjoy myself as its always nice to catch up with old friends once in a while.


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