Friday, September 25, 2009

My 2 darlings..

Posted by Dawn at Friday, September 25, 2009
Caleb and Danielle has been growing up quite well and fast. They have their own personal times as well as moments spent playing with each other as well.

Caleb has been doing more daring stunts at the age of only 2 years old! Sigh..He acts just like a monkey-hanging on to bars and climbing up obstacles. Oh well..

Check out my little monkey in action

Actually the more I see Caleb, the more I see myself as I used to be very active and very daring as well. That was why I had lots of injuries and fall when young.

He also likes to get dirty with sand.

As for Danielle, she enjoys riding on this as she tries to shake it by herself.

She has also been 'walking' as we hold only one of her hands for support.

Safety is always at the back of any parent's mind and because both my kids are so active, its even more worrying. But on the bright side, I know that God loves them more than I do. So, my peace comes from knowing that He is in control.


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