Saturday, September 26, 2009

Water fun at the zoo

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, September 26, 2009
Today, the family all went to the zoo. We do not really decide which day to go as CT has to book the zoo pass from his company way in advance and we just see when is the next available slot for us to book. The zoo pass allows us free entry to the zoo for 4 people (which is free for the whole family including Vicky because the kids are still below 3) and discounts at shops or restaurants.

I told CT that this time round, I want it to be relaxing. Usually, we would look at the show timings and make sure we go for most of the shows and feeding sessions that is available in the zoo. I found that rather tiring. So this time round, we just wanted to walk freely and focus mainly on letting the kids play in the water area as I heard that the water area is really fun.

We reached the zoo at about 10am. If we had a choice, we would have reached once the zoo first opened. But no choice in that sense as we had to go do my supermarketing first at Giant, rush back to dump our groceries and head off to the zoo after that. So reaching the zoo at 10am is no easy feat already!

Each time I go to the zoo, I feel quite proud of Singapore because I feel our zoo really stands out! It has so many animals and the interesting thing about our zoo is how the monkeys and some other animals can roam freely, even by hanging on the trees above our heads.

There's Caleb attempting to draw what he sees.

We manage to catch 2 shows as we happened to be in the right spot at the right time. So it wasn't intentional.

At Caleb's or Danielle's age, its definitely not easy for them to stare into my camera and smile nicely, especially when you want both of them to do so at the same time.

I tried, but failed. Both were looking down.

Tried again but only Danielle looked up.

And Vicky started attracting their attention for me which was a wrong move since both started to turn to her instead.

I gave up after 3 tries.

After walking to see most of the animals, we went to the kidzworld where the farm animals and water area were.

As I entered, I spotted the ponies. Love ponies because they look so cute and miniature. Talking about ponies...did you know most of us grew up with the impression that a pony was a baby horse? We were probably taught wrongly by our teacher or some misleading book taught us that. In actualy fact, a foal is a baby horse but a pony is just a different type of horse.

We went to grab some seats after that for our lunch. We brought along bread, cucumber, egg mayo, grapes as well as nachos. Aside from that, we also ordered 3 fried chicken from KFC to go with our sandwich.

While CT and I were enjoying our lunch, Vicky was taking care of the 2 kids at the water area! Thank God for Vicky that I can have a peaceful lunch with CT.

The water area really look so fun for the kids. I would definitely love to be back again, playing with them the next time round! Check out how the kids would know when to gather round the spot to get splashed by the gush of water!

After the swim, we checked out the rest of the kidzworld area. Caleb was feeding the guinea pigs and touching the goats. I was quite happy to see how loving and brave Caleb was as he patted the animals.

After leaving the kidzworld area, we visited other animal exhibits as we headed to the exit. Here's Danielle after a short nap!

Had a very enjoyable time with the family! Will definitely be back within 6 months' time.


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