Thursday, September 10, 2009


Posted by Dawn at Thursday, September 10, 2009
Since its school holidays, I had more time with the kids in the day time and this morning, I actually made Caleb a star egg omelette sandwich with a cup of milo. I love making such meals as I would feel satisfied when I see their happy faces before the meal since it looks cute and as well as after the meal when it taste good.

In many ways, I think I am a kid and after having kids, I feel more and more like a kid as buying toys for them now give me an excuse to play them as well.

I love to play all sorts of games, going to toysrus still excites me and my impractical dream is to have a playroom displaying my collection of all sorts of toy models ranging from robots, to cartoon, comic or movie models.

Today, I brought Caleb and Danielle to Compasspoint with the main purpose of getting Caleb some undies and I was glad to see the Gundam models being displayed at the main foyer area.

To be frank, I have never watched any Gundam TV series but the exhibition just excited me as I looked at the models. Its so nice to admire them...

Caleb was also quite interested at it, especially the life-size ones..And though the sign says, "Do not touch", Caleb actually touched it a number of times out of curiosity which gave the saleswoman a scare of her life..haha

During our lunch at Compasspoint, a family with one daughter was sitting next to us and as we were feeding Caleb, the girl was trying to amuse Danielle as Danielle and Caleb smiled back at her. So within seconds, they have made a new friend.

Something interesting happened after lunch.

I left the kids behind with Vicky at the kiddy ride while I went to do my own shopping and when I came back, Caleb was actually with the same girl we met earlier during lunch. Her parents actually gave money for their daughter and Caleb to have fun on the ride together. How nice!

Danielle also had her share of fun!

I cant wait for the next school holidays!


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