Monday, September 21, 2009

Date with mummy

Posted by Dawn at Monday, September 21, 2009
Tonight, I brought my mum to watch Il Divo concert at the Indoor Stadium. I was first introduced to Il Divo back in 2005 when Simon Cowell introduced them publicly in US. I was staying in US back then and when I first heard them, I fell in love with their voices. Looks were a plus point, but secondary...

Then, I went out to the records shop in US to get a copy of their CD...and when I came back to Singapore, I gave the CD to my mum as I was quite certain she would love it as well.

So when I found out that they were coming to Singapore, from the Sistic website, I quickly went to buy a pair of tickets for me and my mum. The price per ticket was quite expensive (amounted close to $400 for 2 of us) but thinking about how rare it is that I can go on such a date with my mum and how I feel she does need a break, it was worth every cent.

I went to her house to pick her up and drove to Indoor Stadium which I was so familiar with since I just attended the Hi-5 concert not long ago.

The seats where we sat were quite strategically chosen as I wanted somewhere near the stage. So, we were sitted about 12 rows from the stage and the big projector screen was just next to us. So we had quite a good view.

We were about 20 mins early and the crowd was slowly streaming in. The place was fully packed when the show started.

The crowd was made up of mostly people in their mid 30s and above as afterall, its an Opera show, only strictly singing. I enjoyed myself from the start right till the end because they were just so good.

For those who are not familiar with Il Divo. They are actually a band of 4 singers from Spain,Switzerland, France and USA formed by Simon Cowell who looks like professional models. They sing pop songs, but opera style. So the songs they sing are very familiar to most people but I feel its more enjoyable to watch them sing because from their voice, it evokes so much emotions and passion that you feel so touched listening to them, giving you goosebumps.

The guy below is from Switzerland.

And the guy on your left is from France and on the right is from USA.

and lastly, the guy below is from Spain. I like the Spanish guy and American guy best not only because of their looks but their power voice! The Spanish baritone (voice that lies between bass and tenor) sings very passionately and the American has such a high, powerful voice.

During the show, me and my mum were whispering who we like. Haha..such a rare girly thing to do but I was quite sre, a lot of women who attended the concert were whispering the same thing throughout the show.

Check out the video as they sang the famous Abba song, "The winner takes it all"

And check out their angelic voices


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