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CT's colleagues

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, September 04, 2010
My hubby has been a chemical engineer after graduation and the life of a chemical engineer usually ends up either in Tuas or Jurong Island (the other side of Singapore). It's not an ideal location that most people would look forward to go to work in because it's not only far for CT to travel, but it's not convenient to get food there.

Anyway, after changing jobs a few times already (by the way, they were all in Jurong Island), he had finally joined a company called Afton Chemicals that is based next to Somerset MRT! How big a contrast is that- from Jurong Island to Orchard Road? However, he still needs to go to Jurong Island most of the time but at least, he drops by at his office once in a while which I feel is a good breather from the smelling of fumes and 'ulu-ness' of Jurong Island.

Anyway, CT's colleagues from America (Hans, Chente and wife-Taiwanese who migrated to US) have been coming to Singapore to work and so we hosted them for an afternoon lunch at my parent's place.

I wanted to let them taste home cooked food in Singapore, instead of the usual restaurants they go to in Orchard.

I knew my mum would play a good host to them as she really has a gift of hospitality.

After a wonderful lunch, my mum actually served 9 different kinds of fruits for them to try.

There were snow lotus fruit (texture is like lotus root but its very thirst quenching. Taste a little like water chestnut), papaya, mango, pomelo, dragon fruit, longans, duku langsat, durian and mangosteen. What a spread!

And lastly, mooncakes with lily flower tea.

Could tell that everyone enjoyed the food!

At night, CT and I went to his American's friend's house. They have been staying in Singapore for quite a while already and they are actually from Texas. So they invited us over for a Texas BBQ session. How could I reject? Love American BBQ!

One amazing thing about this American guy is that he actually purchased a world class Gemini brand BBQ pit, and a smoker pit for cooking smoked food. He bought that from US and got it shipped to Singapore. He said that he went to Tanglin and saw the same BBQ pit for $3000 while he bought it in US for US$600 and after shipping, think he amounted to US$1000. So that was why he got it shipped over from US.

And probably typical American BBQ, there would be lots of drinks!

Frankly speaking, I am not a big fan of BBQ ribs. Reason is because I do not really like the smoked flavour of it plus the BBQ sauce which ends up overpowering the actual taste of the meat. And most of the time, the meat can be dry and there isnt much meat in the ribs. But I have to tell you that tonight, I had the best smoked pork ribs IN MY LIFE!! It was so meaty, tender and juicy. The smoker pit which he bought was really worth it!

There was also smoked beef brisket which was so tender and tasty, mashed potatoes which was absolutely delicious, black eyed peas, salad, BBQ chicken-super tasty, corn which was extra large in size and BBQ jalapeno with mozerella cheese and bacon! It's so good!!!

Here's what I had..(on my plate)

After dinner, the Americans all stayed back to play Texas Hold 'Em while CT and I drove some of his colleagues back to the hotel.

One of my wish is definitely to organise my own BBQ session with the kind of comfort food I love in a BBQ. Here's what I would have...

1) Mashed Potatoes with Egg
2) Garden Salad
3) Jalapeno with Cheese and Bacon
4) Steak
5) BBQ Chicken
6) Chilli Beans
7) Corn

Yep, that would be it. Love to keep it simple and straightforward.

Cant wait for my own BBQ pit..


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