Sunday, August 29, 2010

Love the water

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, August 29, 2010
Many of my friends and family have asked me if I was going to send my children for swimming lessons at an early age just like what my mum did to me when I was young. Well, in my heart, I do wish to just jump into the kiasu-syndrome bandwagon and be like any Singaporean parent to sign their kids up for many classes so that my kids can be good in many things at an early age.

However, I am mindful that this will kill their interest at an early age as well and grow up hating the things they do such that eventually, they won't be happy and will not be good at it.

Even though I started swimming at 3 years old and taking part in competitions at about 5-6 years old, in people's eyes, I was good. But not many knew that I hated it. I dragged my feet each time I went to the pool. I tried to feign illness and get away from all those miserable trainings at 530am and 4pm. I was very unhappy. Its true that all those made me a very mentally strong person now and has made me more disciplined but because of that, I wasn't able to do as well as most of my peers like Joscelin who seemed to enjoy what they do and these people started swimming at a later age.

Anyway, for now, I am fine letting my children play with the water and allow them to increase their confidence in it first before thinking of the next step.


Sher on Monday, September 27, 2010 said...

i never knew u hated it. it comes as a surprise, because in our childhood, swimming defined you.

that said, the training is really arduous.

i really take my hat off to your mum for supporting you all the way.

Dawn on Monday, September 27, 2010 said...

yea I hated it and also my mum for forcing me to swim! Ha..

Yes, I now appreciate my mum for supporting me and making me who I am today. ;)

So now I do struggle if I should just force my children to be like that by going through tough trainings so that they will be more discipline and they will appreciate later or just let them tell me what they want to do and maybe, their choices may not be good since they will surely choose the easier way out.

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