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Best Teacher's Day gift so far..

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, August 25, 2010
I graduated from National Institute of Education (NIE) in 2003 and started teaching in 2004. Took one year no pay leave in 2005. So I have been teaching for almost 6 years. To me, I think I still have a long career ahead of me and so 6 years is still considered very short but I do feel that I have been teaching for a very long time already.

Anyway, as Teacher's Day is coming, I received an invitation from Singapore Poly to attend a Teacher's Day Celebration there as one of my ex-student, Wei Jun dedicated a poem to me. I was touched. I told myself, "I had to attend this no matter what it takes because I would like to appreciate him for the effort he has made to write a poem about me."

So anyway, went there and was warmly greeted by Wei Jun as he stood at the entrance waiting patiently for me. Met up with another of my ex-student, Steven as he happened to be in school and wanted to catch up with me.

It was nice catching up with my ex-students and knowing that they are doing well in their tertiary education. I never once believed that my time with them ends when they leave Secondary School as I would love for them to know that I will always be their teacher and mentor for life and can always turn to me if they face any problems. So I do hope they can continue to share their joys and sorrows with me.

Anyway, back to the celebration...

It was a simple but yet meaningful celebration with musical performances, video clips and reading of poems to individual teachers. I was touched when Wei Jun appeared in the video clip and expressing his gratitude to me for teaching him. I could definitely feel his sincerity. He even went up in front to read out his poem to me. I did cry in my heart as I was simply touched.

After the whole event, we talked more and he also introduced me to his present Mathematics teacher in SP as well as the Director of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering as Wei Jun is from that faculty. Everyone was so thankful of how pleasant Wei Jun is and I, too have witnessed how much Wei Jun has grown as a person, as a fine young gentleman if I would say.

Wei Jun, I am really very proud of you and do wish that you will continue to put your heart and soul in everything that you undertake so that you can inspire and touch the people around you. Thanks for inviting me over to Singapore Poly and making this Teacher's Day so memorable and meaningful for me.

My Beacon of Hope
A caring teacher, a loving mother
Full of grace, and filled with passion
A lady who taught me mathematics
And promised me many ticks

But I didn’t get that many ticks
Crosses were what I had got
Crosses which made me practise real hard
So that I wouldn’t get a GCE red card

Civics and Moral Education she taught too
Nevertheless enjoyable and impactful
Experiences she shared, stories she told
Blessings she unfolded, encouragement she gave

What I like most about
Was her constant saying: Perseverance
In God she believe
In God she preached

So I did like she said
And held on to my faith
I learned to count
And I got my A’s alright

But who shall this Beacon of Hope be?
She is my teacher, Mrs Dawn Goh

Seng Wei Jun


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