Friday, August 13, 2010


Posted by Dawn at Friday, August 13, 2010
What are some things that make you satisfied? Some things that bring a smile unto your face and you just imagine a hand petting you on the back that says, " well done. I am so proud of you."

Well, I know mine comes from cooking for the family and seeing them enjoying the food and finishing it up. And the other is probably putting my 2 angels to sleep as they end up sleeping like a log and waking up smiling to you.

I experienced that now since Vicky has been away and I have to do the cooking and handle the kids.

Here's a simple dinner which I cooked during one of the nights.

Stewed chicken with Japanese seaweed, mushrooms and tau pok and stir fry cabbage with dried shrimps as well as a carrot, turnip soup.

And here's another meal where I tried cooking pork bulgogi. Bought the pre-marinated ones from Cold Storage. It tasted really good! Great meal to go with rice.

And here's what I mean my sheer bliss and satisfaction just watching this as I slowly open the room door to take a peak.

I guess in life, we just have to learn to find satisfaction in the things you do so as to keep you going and making your life more purposeful. I don't believe in the mindset where you think this is a waste of time or this is boring and you just stay in that state of mind-feeling down, hating what you are doing, accepting that life is meaningless and accept it.

We need to always look for a positive perspective to do the things we do as we handle life's obstacles that come our way.


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