Friday, August 13, 2010

Caleb's 1st PE Lesson

Posted by Dawn at Friday, August 13, 2010
Today, Caleb's school invited the parents over for us to take a look at their PE lesson to give them feedback on whether they should implement it or not for the children. So to give my support to both the school and Caleb, I went despite having a lunch appointment and was busy with making arrangements with my mum in law to place Danielle there as I rushed from place to place. Anyway, it was definitely an opportunity to see how Caleb interacts with his fellow peers.

Their PE lesson sure looked fun.
They were made to take a ball each, put it over their shoulders and throw it. Then they were told to bend down and touch the ball by stretching.

Whenever the coach get them to clear the balls, the kids were all so excited to help him. Its really sad thinking how enthusiasm declines with age for most of the children here in Singapore.

The coach will always give a scenario and let the kids imagine that the ball is something else. So the kids would be listening as he explains the story as he would make it really interesting.

So this PE lesson not only make them exercise but to allow them to use their imaginative skills.

Then lastly, the coach sets up an obstacle course where he would explain the story of animals crossing the river.

For each obstacle, they were supposed to do something with it. So as the coach tells the story, he would show them how it was to be done.

As I saw it, I thought it was too difficult for the children to understand and imitate. But I was surprised. They followed and knew exactly what to do and how to do. Very impressed!

It was really nice to see how much fun Caleb was having.

Hope he will continue to enjoy everything he does and be an active learner till he grows old.


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