Saturday, August 21, 2010

Enjoyable times

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, August 21, 2010
When my helper,Vicky went back to Philippines to attend her father's funeral and to settle her passport, it was an anxious time for both me and Vicky as we communicated with each other quite often as she first told me that the waiting list for the renewal of passport was very long and the earliest she could get her passport was mid-September.

Then a few days later, she told me she could only get it in October. I was so helpless as my no pay leave only ends on 21 Aug and its not very nice to extend as I am teaching 3 graduating classes. I was even prepared to hire a new helper and to send back all Vicky's things at my place to her house in Philippines.

Anyway, with much prayers from my church friends and family, Vicky could finally get an air ticket back to Singapore without renewing her passport! It was a miracle because immediately after the day she came back, there was a newspaper article that wrote about how the Philippines is now very strict with their helpers leaving the country.

Anyway, to be frank, the children did learn more things when Vicky was not around. They have learnt to be independent as I taught Caleb to wear his own clothes, wash his own dishes all within the first week.

Putting them to sleep, which I first thought would be challenging, wasnt so. I really do believe strongly in the power of prayers and I truly enjoyed my time spent with them, despite feeling so drained physically.

Taking care of them felt so natural. When they were tired, they just knew how to fall asleep on their own. It's not the same when Vicky is around as she would spoil them and because of that, they would depend on her and stick to her when she is around. But thank God, the kids didnt miss her at all. In fact when I asked them if they miss Vicky, they just looked at me with a blank look.

Here were some interesting things that made me enjoy spending time with them.

When Danielle does silly and funny things like this!

We also made our own pizza with the kids. It was fun as we sat down getting Caleb to decorate his own pizza with the available ingredients in front of him.

Here's his masterpiece!

The floor was of course very messy. But that's all part of learning.

As we were waiting for the pizza to cook, Caleb was stealing pineapples! He kept popping them into his mouth non-stop!

We were all sitting on the floor, picnic-style as we waited for the finished product to attack! And once each pizza came out of the oven, we grab a slice and ate it straight from the plate- nice and hot!

We all had so much fun!

Here's one of our finished product! Would love to do this again with them! (shall wait for Danielle to grow up first so that they both can decorate together)


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