Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trip to the fire station

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, August 28, 2010
Caleb loves anything to do with modes of transportation, or rather, things that can move and has wheels. So one of the vehicles he likes is the fire engine.

So today, CT suggested bringing the whole family out for a field trip to the fire station. The station is open to public every Saturday morning at 9am. So we found one near our house and decided to go let the kids have some fun there. There was more fun than expected as the kids got to go on board any vehicles they catch their eyes on.

It's how interesting to see Danielle taking control of the wheel instead of Caleb.

Even when we go out with the children, Danielle would want to sit with Daddy right in front, on his lap when we just entered the car so that she could play with the steering wheel. Danielle reminds me so much of myself when I was young.

There was a guided tour by the fireman himself to explain to us about the things in the fire engines and the processes they take when there is an emergency..etc.

There's Caleb clinging on to the ladder at the back of the fire engine.

I am sure at the very present moment, his aspiration is to be a fireman.

CT and I also had fun taking turns to play with the fire hose as we helped water the plants from afar and the building.Ha!

Initially Caleb didn't dare to use the hose to spray but eventually after seeing another kid do it, he decided that it was probably safe and fun to. So here's Caleb at it!

After that, we took the sky lift in the fire engine all the way up to many stories high.

Danielle and Vicky didn't come along as Vicky was scared to.

I was pleased with how Caleb wanted to go up the sky lift and how he didn't fuss at all when the fireman placed the helmet and safety harness on him.

Caleb looked really cute in the helmet as his head is so small as compared to the helmet.

From on top, it was a nice view and breeze and I saw Danielle with one of the firemen spraying the hose.

It was so much fun! After getting down from the sky lift, Caleb spotted an ambulance that just entered the station and immediately, he hopped into it.

Before we ended our tour in the station, they brought us to the control station to take a look.

It was a very enjoyable time and for the next few days, Caleb would surely be talking about it!


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