Saturday, May 07, 2011

The bubble tea battle

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, May 07, 2011
For quite a while, I have been quite curious as to why they have been a revival of bubble tea shops. Many many years back, there was a bubble tea craze all over Singapore and now, though it is not as crazy as before, it still baffles me as to why the craze is back and why people are buying them at 3 times the selling price as the earliest ones. People are also prepared to wait for almost 30 mins for their bubble tea even though there are cheaper options nearby.

So instead of asking all those 'why' questions, I might as well be more proactive and discover it myself!

As I was waiting for my bubble tea patiently, CT decided to go to a nearby expensive bubble tea shop with no queue to see the difference.

Initially, I was rather skeptical as to whether I can tell the difference between the normal bubble tea ones that cost about $1.20 and the expensive ones that I am getting for the price of $3 bucks.

Here's what I got with 50% sweetness (by the way, you can choose the level of sugar for the expensive ones)

I got the Alisan Milk Tea with pearls and the verdict was: There's actually a difference! The tea is so much more fragrant and I love the milky taste! It feels so much healthier drinking this as compared to the artificial taste that you get from the $1.20 ones you get.

As for CT, he paid more than $3 for his bubble tea and it tasted also very nice.

So, I have to admit that it is worth the queue and the price...once in a while!


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