Saturday, May 28, 2011

Busy Saturday

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, May 28, 2011
This morning, went to airport at about 630am to send off my students and colleagues to Hefei, China. Gave some of them a surprise as they didnt expect me to be there. Love giving and receiving surprises..(pleasant ones)

Then I decided to buy Macdonalds breakfast home for the family. After that, at about 9am, went to my mum-in-law's place to learn how to make rice dumplings from my mum-in-law. I wanted so much to learn so that I can make it in future for my family and friends.

It was tough wrapping the dumpling into a pyramid shape. I know CT tried to take a video of me making one rice dumpling and he gave up waiting for me to tie it correctly!

I managed to do about 3 dumplings. Good enough! It was hard work...My mum-in-law commented that next year, I will take over her job to do..oh gosh.

Then an hour later, went to Caleb and Danielle's school for exhibition as we viewed their art work as well as performance.

Here's Danielle's class artwork...

Here's Caleb's class..

As for the rest of the classes, there was one class which amazed me by their project on bats. So amazing!

Danielle didnt manage to perform as we went a minute too late. When we reached, her classmates were up on stage already. As for Caleb, he had stage fright and stood still amongst his friends during the performance.

I really have no idea why he does not perform on stage. Last year during the concert, he too stand still while the rest of his classmates were dancing. At home, he would always perform for us and down at the block, he would greet strangers and say hello to why is he so shy on stage??

I did ask him and he said he was scared. His teachers will look into it and let me know how best to help him. In the meantime, I am not worried as I know he would grow out of it eventually!

After the exhibition in school, went back to mum-in-law's place to eat the rice dumpling which I made!

Success!! Cant wait to try making rice dumplings all by myself.

Went home feeling very tired after a fun, but long morning! But its all worth it..after all, its time spent with my loved ones.


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