Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just waiting..

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Think most of my friends or family would expect my children to know how to swim (since at the age of 3, I started swimming). But to their surprise, I hardly bring my children swimming..maybe once every 2-3 months if I remember correctly.

The reason is probably I want them to enjoy what they are doing, and I am afraid for them to go down the road where I ended up hating swimming. The other reason is that they do not like the water when its cold. So, bringing them for a swim depends on the weather and the time.

When I used to swim at 530am in the morning for trainings, the weather was so cold that I kept sneezing and catching a cold. That probably led to my permanent nose block now which caused me to breathe through my mouth. So, I am really afraid of my kids catching a cold from their swim.

But nevertheless, I do bring them for a swim when I see the opportunity to just play and have confidence in it.

Danielle seemed to enjoy swimming and when the time comes, I will surely teach them or put them into swimming classes.

But for now, I will just wait...


Sher on Monday, June 20, 2011 said...

u hate swimming? that's new to me.

i also din know u've got a blocked nose from swimming!

but even now, i'm full of admiration for the discipline and rigour you underwent for the sport.

and for your mum. i cant imagine waking up my kids that early and making them swim in cold water!

Dawn on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 said...

Yea, I hated swimming after a while cos of the pain I get from my aching muscles each time and the waking early part. So tiring and my mum would dismiss all that and force me to go. I was scared of her..haha. And yes, I dun breathe through my nose at all since dunno when..

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