Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kaityln's party!

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Kaityln (mistakenly thought it was Caitlyn all along as the one with the C is more common) turned 1 and we went for her birthday party at my cousin, Wei Ee's place in Jurong.

With Wei Ee and her mum, you can definitely expect a fanfare of goodies and fruits from other countries as my cousin has been an air stewardess all her life and my aunt works in Hyatt, Orchard.

So here's what the children had- lollipop from Japan!

I was also offered this steamcake as I was there early!

All the cousins were all glued to the TV as it was showing Despicable Me 2. That's probably the only way to sit them down quietly. As you can see, we are having a lack of boys in the family!

It was a nice time catching up with my cousins and a quick update of one another's life. 

There's the 3 kg birthday cake which is always the highlight of any birthday party. Guests will usually wonder what cake will it be, what's the picture etc etc.

Ah, there's the birthday girl who is probably still trying to grasp the meaning of birthday and wondering why there are so many 'strangers' in her house.

Finally, a picture of the whole family including the grandparents! The two sisters, Kaitlyn and Angelika definitely looks different. Curious to see if they will stay different as they grow up... ;)

Angel is really quite mature for her age from the way she talks and I must say, she is one hospitable girl who made every guest feel just right at home as she goes around serving them! So sweet.

And there's Danielle who is born the same year as Angel but almost one year apart. Danielle was busy picking out the cream to eat.

 Definitely had an enjoyable time! Next big family gathering will be quite soon in September as we celebrate my dad and aunts birthday together!


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