Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, August 28, 2013
I have been putting off my exercise lately because firstly, I don't see the need to since I am at my ideal weight and secondly, ever since I have been staying at home, I enjoy just staying put in the comfort of my home.

Anyway, I finally decided to have a good workout today because I feel I cannot stay lethargic and I should not be so comfortable at home. I need to get my butt off my bed. (yes, my favourite spot in the day as I watch TV in bed while eating lunch, lie on bed surfing the net and just lying down)

Always wanted to go swimming as the last time I swam was probably in April? So grabbed my bike, cycled about 6.8km to the swimming pool...swam 1km. Though I wanted to swim more, I decided I better keep some reserves for my return trip back home. So after the swim, I just dried myself u,  put on my clothes with my swimming costume still on and cycled home.

I figured why bathe when I still have to cycle back. So I packed light- just my towel, goggles and underwater mp3 player to keep me entertained while swimming.

I love my underwater mp3 player which my hubby got for me last year as a present. It's so therapeutic and peaceful listening to music in the water.

Anyway, all in all, I cycled 13.08km. I was burning on the way back as it was noontime and the sun was just out of control at that time.

Went home feeling accomplished and fit! Think the only time I will do it again is when the weather isn't so hot! Ok, back to lying in bed! ;)


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