Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Primary One Registration Woes

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, August 13, 2013
It has been the time which as a parent, I have been dreading... Last year, whenever parents came up to me and asked me what school will I be enrolling my son in, I always brushed it off by saying, "Aiyah, still long la. I dont wish to think about it.." But now, when the time has finally come, I have no choice but to face it and bear the brunt of it.

Initially, I did think of putting Caleb in my alma mater which is the sought after school in Singapore- Tao Nan Primary. I thought of that not so my son could go into a famous and popular school but because I dont wish to go through the balloting and the waiting..

But finally, I thought the only thing that makes sense is somewhere near where I stay as going to school is a daily affair and if I choose a school too far away, I will probably dread it and regret. I will definitely appreciate the convenience.

So, I chose Horizon Primary which is a fairly new school (about 4-5 years) but yet it has its processes all in place. It is still within 1 km away from my house. Went for the open house and liked it. So I enrolled Caleb during the Phase 2C Registration.

However, I had to face the dreaded balloting as there were only 143 vacancies and about 210 people registered. Went for the balloting alone not so much because I was anxious but because I was curious and wanted to experience it for myself.

The hall was filled up with anxious parents and as for me, I was more curious than anxious. I knew that if I did not get a place here in Horizon, I would get it somewhere else as I had a backup plan already and moreover, as a Christian, I know God loves Caleb more than me. So He would have thought of everything and has a school in mind already for him. So there's really nothing for me to worry.

Finally, Caleb did not get a place in Horizon..

In my own human understanding, to me, Horizon is the best school for Caleb but now that he wasnt selected, I knew God had other plans and His ways are definitely higher than ours as He is infinite. He sees the future. So I was more curious and excited as to what God has planned for Caleb than to be disappointed.

Anyway, this morning, went to Greendale Primary School to register for Caleb for his Phase 2C Supplementary Registration. Greendale is a school even nearer to my house than Horizon. It's actually half the walking time.

Now I just have to wait and see if this is what God wants and leave it to Him!

I just cant wait for this to be over and pray there wont be another balloting....


justpassingby on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 said...

Amen! Praying that you will have the peace of God as you wait to know what His will for C is! hugs.

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