Thursday, February 02, 2006

CT off today

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, February 02, 2006
Today, CT took leave as he wanted to rest and just have a longer holiday. So this morning, CT and I went to Rivervale Mall at Sengkang to close some of our UOB bank accounts. We discovered we had too many bank accounts to keep track and rather focus on a few. After that, we took bus 27 from Sengkang to Tampines MRT. It is only about 25 mins ride in the bus.

Then, we met my mum-in-law at Bedok MRT to go to Hong Leong Bank. She needed to do some stuff at the bank with CT as it is a joint account with him. I left shortly later while they were still waiting in the queue as I needed to go buy roast chicken for my family. We would be going to my parent's place for lunch as my bro and Pam would be discharged from hospital today and they would be going there for lunch with baby Janine. It is so that my dad could see the baby.

So I told CT that I would wait at the bus interchange where 608 bus leaves. After I bought the roast chicken and sat in the bus interchange at the bus 608 stop, one old man sat down beside me and started asking me for the time. After that, I started asking him if he has eaten and whether he stays near by or not. He started opening up immediately and told me about his poor eyesight and how he has no one to talk to. He told me that he comes to the interchange area at about 5/6am in the morning and stay till late. He would have his meals here before he goes home. He said that no one ever talks to him. He also said that he is just waiting to die and even if he dies, no one would know.

I felt very sad hearing his story as I tried to cheer him up. He kept mentioning that I have made his day. He said luckily I am here today and I talk to him... Well, to me, is not luck. I seldom wait in the Bedok bus interchange and seldom open up to people and talk to them...but dunno what made me do so today... I suggested to him some things he could do, like going to a community centre or make some friends while he is here..I also shared with him that he should always think positively and started telling him about the train accident I was involved in with my family and how my dad is so positive despite not being able to move.

Then, he mentioned that because there is someoone who cares for him...He said that no one cares or bothers about him.. After that, I felt he was quite right as without family or friends in one's can be quite miserable. So, I started talking that it is not mainly about people caring for my dad that made him so is Jesus who gives us the peace and joy.

Anyway, when CT and mum-in-law came, I did not even realised as I was too caught up with talking to him.

Took bus to my parent's place and had lunch there. Met my ex-church mates who were there visiting my dad. By the time I was there, dad already carried Janine. But managed to get this picture from my brother..

Baby Janine was asleep the whole time shiok.

Anyway, after lunch, I borrowed mum's car and drove to Parkway Parade as my mum-in-law needed to put some stuff in the safe deposit box. I dropped them first before I went to find a parking lot. We went to "Giant" after that to look see and buy some stuff that we need back home.

Then, dropped my mum-in-law back at Simei and drove back home to Punggol.


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