Saturday, February 11, 2006

Took Mary Beth around

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, February 11, 2006
This few days have been raining. I left my house at about 10 am, took the bus to my parent's place. My dad's friends were there visiting him when I arrived. I went there to collect the car and then drove to pick up my friend, Mary Beth.

Mary Beth is actually CT's immediate boss' wife. She is probably about high 20s, just got married. She is from Chicago, US and has moved with her husband here for about 3 years for his work since they are setting up a new chemical plant here in Singapore. I knew her when we were in Knoxville, Tennessee as our husbands went there for work. So, we, wives went out together during the day time.

I went up to her apartment opposite Tanglin Mall. It is a very new apartment with modern design and modern looking pool. Very nice... i went up to her house and saw her pet rabbit which she just got. She got this place unfurnished and had to buy all her furniture and kitchen ware here.

After touring a nice place, I took her to Parkway parade for lunch. I wanted to bring her there as she has not really been to the East side before and I was familiar with the East since I grew there all my life..

Had lunch at Crystal Jade Kitchen and ordered seafood hor fun, steam pork ribs, veggies with 3 diff types of eggs and this dish had century egg which I wanted her to try! Haha.. With my influence and guidance, she ate it and did not think it was that bad. I told her that a lot of things are all in your mind and if you tell your mind it is not that bad, it wont be.

After that, we went to the Pet Shop as she bought some stuff for her pet rabbit. Then, I took her to Giant and with an adventurous mood, I took her to this durian puff/tart shop and asked for a sample. She gave us and I told Mary Beth that a lot of people do not like this and it is very strong smelling. Then, I told her that I find it sweet and bitter, and the texture is like cream puff. So, with this idea in mind, she tried and she could take it! I felt so proud of her.

Then, to pass the test, I went to this durian seller in Giant and asked for a durian fruit to let her try and Mary Beth took a little and felt it was ok. After looking around in Parkway, I drove to my mum's house to pass her my lunch leftovers and introduce her to Mary Beth. So happen, my bro was around too. So, I showed her my family members. But too bad, my dad was not around as he went for rehab.

Anyway, after tat, I showed her my house in Punggol before going to Yew tee to visit a friend with her. Her name is Angeline, CT's colleague's wife. She gave birth to a daughter few months ago and I have not had the chance to see the baby.

So, took this opportunity to go with Mary Beth since they have met each other before.

I told Mary Beth that today, I brought her to many expressways. We travelled ECP, TPE, SLE, PKE, KJE just within 4-5 hours! I was quite amazed at myself as I have not done that before...

Angeline's daughter's name is Nathanielle. We talked and ate New Year goodies. Yum.. Here is a picture of Angeline, Mary Beth and baby...

At about 6pm, I dropped Mary Beth at Yew Tee Mrt station as she didnt want to trouble me to go all the way to town again and moreover, my mum needed the car by 7pm. So, I was rushing. On the way to my mum's place for dinner, I picked CT up from Tanah Merah MRT station.

Had dinner there and then, rushed to bible study at a house in Bedok which starts at 8pm. What a busy and long day!


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