Monday, February 27, 2006

Janine's 1st month party

Posted by Dawn at Monday, February 27, 2006
Yesterday, I cooked a hearty breakfast with Grapefruit juice. Check this out! As you can tell, it is Italian bread with fried eggs, and whole slices of luncheon meat with lettuce. I was inspired to cook this from a HK drama serial I watched where a couple went to an eatery to have this for breakfast and the gal was complaining that her mom uses whole slices of luncheon meat, rather than small bite sizes of meat. So, she was telling how much she would miss her mum's luncheon meat sandwich when we goes to US. Haha...So, that is why I pan fried whole big slices of luncheon meat.

It is definitely yummy..but I felt so so full after eating this. Tat was why I drank grapefruit juice to appetise my stomach.

Today, is my niece's first month party. The actual day is actually 2 days later, but being usual Singaporeans, we are all so busy that weekends are better for most people.

Went first to my parent's place to take the car together to Bukit Timah where my brother stays. But before that, we had to help carry my dad to the car.

We went earlier to play tennis. Played doubles with my cousin, and my god-sister, Chloe. My dad took Chloe as a god-daughter during his stay in SGH as she was his physiotherapist. She happens to be the same age as me, from HK and coincidentally, she is from the same church as me! Never knew..

That is Chloe helping my dad in the picture, with the helper and my mum, while CT is in the car pulling my dad.

We played for about an hour, as my dad was the umpire and scorer. My dad is a very good in tennis. Actually, my dad is an all-rounder who plays well in all kinds of sports. I am very sure he would very much love to play with us.

While we were resting, my uncle and auntie wanted to play. It was real fun watching them play as they were improperly dressed! Haha...

Above is my uncle playing in long sleeve shirt and pants.He used to be an accountant for many years but is now retired and happily taking care of his huge collection of orchids in his garden. When I went to his house one day, he passionately showed me his collection and told me a lot about orchids. I, myself love orchids but I am not sure whether I can take care of them..Simply amazed at how my uncle can take care of so many of orchids. Think it was about 100s of them.

This is my aunt. She is playing tennis without her high heels. She has been a teacher all her life and is still working in MOE in the CCA department, mainly looking into band. My parents all say my bro and I got her genes. Haha..

Anyway, we had a great time playing. My god-daughter, Phoebe came too! I was feeding her while CT was feeding me!

During the party, dad was holding Janine..

Brought Phoebe out to see the Koi fishes and playground as well..

Phoebe is only less than 2 years old and she already looks quite tall. Kids really grow up very fast!


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