Monday, February 06, 2006

Rest Day

Posted by Dawn at Monday, February 06, 2006
Sunday is our rest day as our church is on Saturday. So usually on Sundays, we would rest at home, do marketing in the morning at Punggol Plaza where they have open/wet market only 7 mins walk from my place, and at times, we would visit our families.

But today, Marianne, Joshua and baby Phoebe would be coming over for lunch. I invited them over. Cooked Yong Tau Foo, veggies with fresh scallops, braised duck and a soup. I bought the duck down at my block at Prime Supermarket as they have a small shop in the supermarket selling roast pork/char siew/roast chicken/roast duck/braised duck. I loved that store cos if I do not know what to cook, I can always buy something like that to add dishes!

Phoebe was as usual curious and running around during lunch time. She was checking things out in my house and she especially love dogs. So, she spotted my soft toy dogs all over my house and got them into the living room. Haha.

After a while, we went down to my house park. It is a nice big park. Phoebe had a own small little basketball, while CT brought the big normal one down to play. It was hot and sunny...

We also gave Phoebe some shots at the hoop...but she would just aim the ball on the floor.

The adults were playing and shooting hoops and there was a time when Phoebe saw us playing and clapped for us... so cute.

After playing a while, we went back up to our apartment to cool off. They left shortly after while Esther came at about 330pm. I was resting in bed. Esther said she would drop by to visit me. So just sat down in the living room and talked. Also watched TV at the same time as I still have my Star Movies and HBO channel. Cool!

When Esther left at about 6, I started reheating dinner. We just had the leftovers from lunch.


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