Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas gathering at my mum place

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, December 24, 2006
Today, CT had to go work though it is a Saturday. He is now on 12-hour day shift, so he has only certain rest days once in a while. For lunch, Marianne invited me over. I dropped by the fish farm before going her place to buy fish for my dad and for Marianne.

When I arrived, Marianne was bathing Phoebe and I noticed that a lot of patience is needed because the child would be playing in the tub for quite a while. After that, we had lunch. Joshua cooked steak for lunch. Here is our widespread of food...

I enjoyed the lunch a lot because of the thick juicy ribeye steak! It was quite bloody at first and I knew I couldnt eat raw food. So Marianne cooked it a while longer and it tasted so nice...though some red parts at certain areas. To me, if I am not pregnant, I would love it medium rare. Haha..So, I didnt mind the blood. It was so delicious because of the fats and veins. Yum!

After lunch, I did art and craft with my god-daughter,Phoebe...

She just simply took pictures from magazines and pasted it on the construction paper. It was Christmas-themed pictures..

As you can see, Phoebe is left-handed. She will grow up to be a creative girl I can tell as she has been doing wonderful art stuff...

After that, Phoebe and I drank orange juice and each time she drank one sip, she would want to do "cheers" with our glasses..

After having so much fun, Joshua cooked tang yuan for us. Yummy...

I left their place about my mum's place.

Had Christmas party at my mum's place. There was so much food, so, my mum invited Marianne and Phoebe over. Joshua could not join us as he had to attend another party. There was turkey, roast beef, ham, huge sausages (all donated by Uncle Edwin-President of Chinese Swimming Club), I cooked mash potatoes with bacon and cheese, mum made salad and pumpkin soup and Esther brought 2 huge chicken pies from "Don shop"

I enjoyed the party as I could see Janine, my niece. I miss her so much. She is so so cute..Her curly hair is growing more wild.

Pictures of Janine will be shown next blog...


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