Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sam: A Mother's Journey of Faith

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, December 23, 2006
About a week back, I was watching CNA in the morning again and it was showing a segment where they introduced a book. This time, it was a book entitled, "Sam: A Mother's Journey of Faith". They even went on to show an interview with the author, a local mother of 2 sons whose one of the sons, a teenager was fighting with cancer.

I was very touched by the interview and I wished I had taped it that time. But I was just so amazed by the interview that I forgot all about taping. I was reflecting on the interview and would like to share with all of you...

This mother of 2 boys, is a believer in Christ and she was sharing her reaction when she found out her sec sch son was diagnosed with cancer and the process she went through with all the treatments and stuff. She said that despite all that has happened, she mentioned that she actually thanked God for allowing this to happen because of the peace and joy that she experienced not only from God but by even looking at her cancer-stricken son. Her son was even assuring her and having so much peace inside.

Check this site-a blogger who penned down about this book as well...

Read and listen to her interview

I was touched because it is just so similar with my dad's case. The reassuring peace and joy that the Lord gives us is just so amazing and something to shout about!

I believe very strongly in one thing- that is, everyone will def meet up with adversities in life be it you do good or do million charitable matter how much "good" you do, there will always be obstacles in life- it can be an accident like my dad, it can be a close one suffering from an illness or it can also simply be your family member who passed away... These things are unescapable...

But one very fact remains for Christians that is no matter what happens, there is peace and joy and love from Him..I think this is the most assuring news I can find my security in..Just look at Chinese religion funerals, or other religion funerals as compared to Christian funerals, you will then know what I mean...

It is like a loved one saying to you, hey, no matter what I will be with you and not only that,I will be pouring forth my ever flowing love, joy and peace unto you. What more can we expect?

So for those of you reading this and have doubts about the God I am talking about, please look around and and I know you will one day experience Him and know Him in your own personal way.

in God whom I will always trust..

Have a blessed and meaningful Christmas this year, reflecting upon God's wonders, His creation and His greatest gift of all-His Son..

Jesus died that we might live.

Merry Christmas to one and all!


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