Saturday, December 09, 2006

what have I been doing?

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, December 09, 2006
Everyday I would "sayang" or soothe my tummy and wonder to myself-is this fats or is my tummy bigger because of the baby inside? Sometimes, my tummy would seem so big that I just think its fats because of the constant depressing.

Today, CT and I went to new Ikea Tampines to do some Christmas shopping for our house party during Christmas Eve where we invite the whole cell group over for dinner. So, got some nice cutlery and Christmas decorations for the tree. I love the new Ikea as its spacious and big. After shopping from 10 to 11am, we had lunch there. I had the poached salmon while CT had the today's special: Chicken Rendang, which was amazingly yummy. And of course, lunch at Ikea is not complete without ordering their Chicken Wings. Yum..

I called my dad while waiting for the food to arrive, to let my dad know that it is wheelchair friendly and there are handicapped lots available for him. So, it is wonderful. Passed by Courts Megastore beside it too. Still lots of touching up to do before the grand opening on the 16 Dec.

Pretty exciting as I love seeing new things sprouting. That is one reason why I chose to stay in Punggol. There are always new developments and construstion around the area. Ikea Tampines is just 10 mins from my house. So, very convenient. Cant wait for Giant to open there, though I could still see it building.

After going to Ikea, we went to the fish farm and met one of our ex-cell group members there-Tay and Debbie with their 2 kids. Tay was teaching CT how to get rid of "faeces" in our aquarium by buying shrimps. The minimum price we could buy was $2 and the shop gave us like 80-100 shrimps! And guess what, Ct was so excited about this new discovery that he just threw the whole bag in with abour 100 shrimps infesting our aquarium. I told CT I was quite disgusted just looking at it. CT just glued his eyes on it for a while. He was intrigued.

Here are some shots of the shrimps...

From the tank picture, if you stare hard, you can see lots of shrimps swimming around. I do find it disgusting but CT say leave it for a few days to clear the "faeces" before we place them in another tank. Oh well...


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