Thursday, March 11, 2010

Unleash your creativity

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, March 11, 2010
Recently during the March Holidays, I had staff seminar and it was on "Imagination and Innovation". It is actually set up by Oistein Kristiansen, the doodlemaster which most parents may know as you can view him in Okto Channel. Each time I see him doodle and draw, I am highly impressed at his creativity and how fast he draws them.

Anyway, the seminar thought us to unleash our creativity and just draw. They also taught us the techniques of drawing and how there is no right or wrong to creativity. Anything is possible as you stretch your mind.

So here's my work which I did during the seminar.

For the first 2 drawings right on top, we were told to draw common shapes and think of how to add to it. So I drew a star for the first one and a heart for the second one. And that was how I expanded my drawing.

Then for the third drawing, they asked us to write our name and decorate anyway we like it.

And for the last 2 drawings, they told us to close our eyes and just draw freely. Then with the random curves, we have to create a picture.

To be frank, this little activity was a self-discovery that I can actually draw. Even my friends sitting on my table said that I could actually be in this business and join the company. In the end, we were told to send in the best drawing from each table so that all the staff could vote for the best. And my drawing was sent. Though I didnt win, I was rather proud that I actually have a little bit of creativity in me which I never really knew I had. Ha.

Anyway, from this doodling seminar, I was very inspired to pass down whatever little creativity I have to my children. So here's what they have been up to!

First, I did up an activity kit which Pauline taught me. Caleb loved it and learnt the letters this way.

In school, Caleb has also been doing all these as I had a parent-teacher dialogue session with Teacher Susan and Teacher Lee Keng and they shared this with me.

Here's are some of Caleb's masterpieces.

Can you guess what he drew?

He was drawing clouds with face and rain because of the weather.

And during one of his painting sessions at home (which I can only do it with his when Danielle is asleep for obvious reasons) Here's his abstract artpiece!

As he was drawing, I was having fun doodling. Here's what I did...

This was the BEFORE shot (just simple close your eyes and let your hand loose by drawing whatever it wants)


The I wanted to challenge myself again.So I drew another one.



I think at this present day and age, its important to teach our kids how to be creative and to think out of the box. So if you have older kids,you can do this activity with them by asking them to close their eyes and do a random drawing as their hand leads. And then from the random drawing, think of how to develop by adding eyes, teeth, wings etc...

Remember not to correct your kids as sometimes, they have a better imagination than us. And like I said, there's no right or wrong to creativity. There is no limit.



Sher on Monday, April 12, 2010 said...

so beautiful!

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