Monday, March 15, 2010

Trip down to Animal Resort

Posted by Dawn at Monday, March 15, 2010
Taking opportunity of the March school holidays, my whole family, together with my bro's family and my parents all went to the Animal Resort at Jalan Kayu. Caleb was donned in his new sunglasses and his cap which he has not worn before because it was too big. It will still too big but he insisted on wearing them and thus, looking kind of strange.

Glad the horse came out to play with us as there are times when the horse can just stay indoors and not come out. Joyanne also had a go at feeding the horse.

And there's my bro trying to see if Joyanne could 'ride' the horse. Haha.Well for your info, he didnt manage to put her on it.

And there's a family shot without Pamela as she had to work

After this shot was taken, the horse started sniffing Janine. It was funny.

Caleb not only fed the goats, horse, but also the geese.

Then we also managed to witness kittens (rabbit babies). As I was blogging this, I never knew what is the young of rabbits called till I googled it and found that it is called a kit (singular) or kittens (plural).

They were so cute and tiny. It was a great learning experience for the children.

Another amazing thing we also witnessed was this!It was so cool as we saw how the peacock was trying to attract the peahen.

We also taught the kids the idiom, "as proud as a peacock" as it was really showing off to all of us as well!

It was awesome just watching the full glory of the peacock and admiring not only the beautiful coloured feathers but also its backside!

Everything about the peacock was so symmetrical that amazes me and just reconfirms the omnipotence (all-powerful) of God by creating this animal and taking note of its details.

After a while at the resort, we went into the pet shop to look at dogs and guess what? There was this chart on the wall with all the different kinds of dog and I managed to spot a dog which looked like mine! I never knew what breed she is and it now seemed like she is a Finnish Spitz. For those who knows my dog, Ashley, dont you think she looks like this one in the picture?

Then for lunch, we went to the new pub, Brewbaker's Kitchen & Bar at Anchorvale CC as they have lunch specials at very reasonable price. You can check out their website!

CT had the seafood ragout($12.50). which is basically seafood on top of mashed potatoes.

While I had NZ striploin ($12.50).

Most of my family ordered the battered fish and chips ($8.90) which Caleb ate too!

The lunch sets came with soup of the day, coffee/tea, garlic bread as well as dessert. So its quite worth it I feel. The food is also quite decent. Cant be that bad since it comes from the same management as Jack's Place.

Anyway, all in all, we had a great day of experiential learning, decent food and most importantly, great company!


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