Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Holiday Fun

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Holidays are so fun especially when I get to enjoy them as well! That is actually one huge draw factor why I went into teaching.

Anyway, today, my brother suggested going to West Coast Park and so we did. My mum came to pick me up while CT went to work for a while and only joined us in the late morning.

We were first welcomed by this interesting-strange looking tree which I really wonder what it is called. Anyone knows?

West Coast Park is actually huge but for the most part of it when we were there, the kids were playing with the sand. They didnt even play with the slides.

Then my father went for a stroll by the waters. I joined them later with Danielle..

For the last part, the children had fun climbing up the pyramid. It was so high but Caleb, Janine and Danielle knows no fear!

As usual, CT would climb all the way up within seconds.

Then we went West Coast Plaza for lunch. My mum was craving for dim sum. So we went Paradise Inn for dim sum, porridge, duck, soup as well as a vegetable dish. The food was decent. No complains!

I was even impressed with one waitress who saw Janine so restless that she provided pencil and paper for Janine to draw.

This was my first time going to West Coast Plaza and I kind of like the place because it wasnt crowded and there were quite a number of interesting shops. If not for the distant, I sure hope to be back there again!

After lunch, the kids were roaming about...until they saw this!

There was car racing going on and the kids were glued to it! Dont they look so cute with their heads sticking in? I think they may look funnier if I took this picture from the other side!

Anyway, we all had a great day. Just wished the holidays were longer. But then again, to be optimistic, thank God for the hols!


aliza on Saturday, April 24, 2010 said...

it is canonball tree


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