Sunday, June 20, 2010

Girl Guides June Camp 2010

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, June 20, 2010
I have not attended an outdoor camp for quite a while already. Was slightly apprehensive about what will happen and whether I can cope being away from my family and sleeping in school for 3 days, 2 nights.

This is a training camp where the girls learn outdoor skills like tent pitching, tying of knots, and outdoor cooking.

For all their lunches, they did outdoor cooking. They first cooked their pot of chicken soup with cabbage and fishballs.

Then they threw in the corns in the fire to cook.

And the alumni helped to cook for them sardines.

So that was basically what they had for lunch. Rice was cooked in the rice cooker. Kind of playing cheat since where on earth can we get a rice cooker in the outdoors.

The alumni stir fried their cabbage and fishballs. And even added garlic too! Think we should have a cooking competition the next time round!

Here was where the guides slept...under the coconut trees.

Then they learn to do knots and lashes.

The Guides were also taught how to do solar cooking, using the alumnium foil to reflect the sunlight.

The Alumni also taught the girls how to cook a whole chicken using a hangar.

But before that, they were busy marinating the chicken and massaging (or should I say, molesting) it.

When the chicken was cooking, it smelled really nice! Could smell it from afar.

The seniors also helped to prepare banana chocolate for the girls to cook.

During our last night in school, we had campfire. And because my principal, vp as well as CCA head could not make it to attend, I was the VIP and made to light the campfire. Actually, I was thankful they didnt come because the fire was lighting up the stick real fast. So dangerous. Some students even thought my hand was on fire!

The campfire programme was very good. There were performances by the various patrols as well as songs and games. However, it started to drizzle and lightning.

So we had no choice but to adjourn to the hall.

But still the spirits were high and we still had as much fun! I told the alumni that it felt as if the camp just started!

At night, the patrol leaders actually requested the alumni to teach them the knots again as they would be having a test tomorrow. I was quite impressed by all their dedication as it was close to 2 am!!

So I would really like to thank the leaders, seniors and alumni members who helped and made this camp possible!

I actually cant wait for the next camp even though I slept only a couple of hours a night on hard ground!


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