Saturday, June 12, 2010

Last night in Malaysia

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, June 12, 2010
Watching sunrise is something I try whenever I go on holidays. I know its sounds crazy as holidays are supposed to recharge you and let you have lots of sleep. Who would forgo that to wake up early to catch the sunrise?

I guess my name has been given to me rightly or either that, I live up to my name very well as I do wake up early. Even during holidays, I would wake up at about 630am or latest maybe 730am.

Here's the view from our room.

We had our last service, where there was holy communion served before the camp ended. Right after service, we checked out and made our way to Malacca. We left the hotel at about 11am and reached Malacca only at about 1:30pm as there was a jam along the highway. We were starving. However, my dad and his convoy did not meet us for lunch as arranged because they left late and were still stuck faraway. So we arranged to meet straight at the hotel.

I brought my mum and CT to Restoran Peranakan-a lunch place which I loved from the last time I came with my colleagues.

Loved the ambience of this place as it looked like a museum.

Here's Caleb waiting for his food! He loves making monkey faces at this age now..cheeky boy!

There were only 3 adults. So we couldnt order much food.We had beef rendang($MYR 9), sambal sotong($10), lady's fingers($6), otah, soup ($5) and chap chye (mixed vegetable $7). My mum and CT enjoyed it very much. The otah was unique as it came with lime. Not too bad. Total bill was only less than $60 RINGGIT! That means less than $10 sing dollars per person for Peranakan food!

After lunch, we walked over to Jonker Walk for Chendol as well as freshly baked pineapple tarts.

After a satisfied lunch, we went to Hotel Equatorial to check into our room. We stayed on the 18th floor and it was newly renovated. The rooms were so nice, clean and modern! Loved it! The view was also spectacular!

The best part of the room was the day bed overlooking the view of Malacca. Great place to read my book and do my quiet time.

My bro and family arrived just when we checked in. We placed our luggage in our rooms before heading to Pahlawan shopping centre next door.

We went to A&W for a root beer float and curly fries while my bro's family went there for lunch.

Then its shopping time! There was a Padini Sale going on from 50% to 70% at the atrium! Bought two shirts for myself and one shirt for CT.

At night, I brought my whole family to Bei Zhan for dinner. I would always research on good places to visit or eat before my trips so that I can make the best use of it by enjoying the best food and visiting the best sites. So this place had great reviews and its near our place. Probably about 10 mins drive without traffic.

Thank God that there was space for us to dine in, despite not making any bookings.

Its a huge restaurant with two storeys, high ceiling and very colonial looking.

We ordered lots of food! There was a huge steam fish, homemade beancurd, mongolian fried lamb knuckle, roast suckling pig, veggies. All the portions were huge. Think it ended up only less than $20 Sing per person.

I also ordered potato apple juice which tasted just like apple juice.

Had a very enjoyable dinner. My brother had fun chowing down all the strange parts of the piggie, like the ears and the tail.

The only thing that wasn't too pleasant that night was the ride back. The road back home was so jammed that it probably took us about 30 mins to an hour just to get home. It was so near yet so far feeling.

Went back to our hotel at 10pm to catch the World Cup!


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