Friday, June 11, 2010

June Holidays in Malaysia- Day 1 to 3

Posted by Dawn at Friday, June 11, 2010
June holidays is a bitter-sweet season. Sweet because its my birthday month, bitter because I still have to go back to school for lessons for my Sec 4 classes and at the end of the month, we have staff meeting. So the holidays fly past very quickly! Too quickly in fact.

This year, I chose to join my parents and bro's family's church camp to spend my holidays as one of my favourite preacher, Benny Ho will be giving the sermons. Pastor Benny's sermons are very clear and simple. Love it!

We went together in a convoy of about 5 cars.(On my birthday by the way) However, my car left off first together with my mum who sat behind with Caleb as we needed to go to a CNG station in JB to pump our gas first. Did not bring Danielle along as we felt she was too young for a church camp since most of the time, we would be busy listening to sermons.

We met up at a restaurant which my mum and dad knows for lunch. Ordered lots of food!

Had coffee pork ribs, steamed Patin fish, veg with beancurd skin, kampong chicken, sweet potato leaves. The portions were huge!

It was quite a journey to Putrajaya. We stayed at Putrajaya IOI Mariott Resort. Its near KL. For the night session, the kids had their own programme. Here's Caleb and Janine at the children's programme.

This was probably about the first and last time he officially attended the kids' programme. After this session, he didnt like it as the teachers made him sit down. Caleb can be rather sensitive. I think he feels that only his parents can scold him and not anyone else. So for the next few days, Caleb joined us for the adult's session.

Our room was quite big. Caleb had his own cot which he didnt mind sleeping in. Looked like a prison to me.

Just as long as Caleb likes sleeping in it, I am happy as at least he doesnt squeeze with me and CT. Eventually, he did for one night. But its fine since our beds were quite big after combining our separate beds together.

The second day at Putrajaya, we took the afternoon off for shopping. Went to the nearest shopping centre called Alamanda Putrajaya shopping centre, which was only about 7 mins away.

Didnt buy much. It was just nice to get away from the hotel for a change.

One thing I look forward to when I stay in a hotel is the bath tub! I love soaking in the bubble bath and just relaxing in super hot water!Take a look at the amount of bubbles for my bath!

More so when the children is with me as they would definitely enjoy playing in it!

During the church camp, we would have 2 sermons in a day- after breakfast and after dinner. After services, we would have group discussions and then lunch. After lunch, there would be optional programmes organised by the church. Usually, I would choose to rest in my room,go out, explore the hotel or just go for a swim.

The first night before dinner, we explored the place and taking pictures.

We managed to spot a long monitor lizard. How cool!

This is actually me and CT's second time to this hotel. Our last time here was our previous church camp with ARPC, before we had kids.

It was nice to be back here again, married and with kids.

Caleb's relationship with Janine definitely has improved over these past few days. They were talking together over the phone and it was funny seeing Caleb having so many expressions and actions on the phone.

On the third day, we played table tennis with our church mates and swam.

Caleb and Janine also went into the jacuzzi. I brought Caleb into the women's jacuzzi where a few women were inside and we ended up chatting. One of them commented how cute and handsome Caleb was. Caleb had fun splashing at all the aunties and at Janine.

On the last night, the children had a perfomance on stage and Caleb was supposed to perform. CT could testify to how excited I was as it was Caleb's first time performing on stage, in front of so many people.

Here were the children all gathering to go up on stage. However, Caleb was fussing and the 'teacher' had to carry him when they went on stage.

Ok, this was probably about the only few seconds Caleb was all by himself on stage.

He didnt even make it to the start of the performance as he was fussing and had to be brought down. Sigh. So much for being so excited. Chey! Nevertheless, I was still proud of him for the few seconds and knew in my heart that it was a matter of time that I would definitely witness his performance on stage!


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