Saturday, July 17, 2010

Birthday in JB

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, July 17, 2010
Today is Caleb's birthday. Not sure if he really knows the meaning of birthday or just think its a day when you get to eat birthday cakes and receive lots of presents.

So this morning, he starting opening two of his presents- one given by my colleague and the other, by me!

Both presents happened to be jigsaw puzzles! I chose that for him because his teacher told me that he loves to play with them in school and is very focused in it! His teacher was right as he wanted to play with it immediately and was fixed in finishing the puzzle.

Of course, he finished fixing it with my help. But he did great!

We left the house at about 11 am for JB as CT's ex-colleague invited us over to his place in Malaysia for housewarming dinner. I was pretty excited to go there and meet up with his ex-colleagues as we knew one another from US. We spent a lot of good times there with them which I do miss!

We first went to Bukit Indah Jusco for shopping since its nearby to our friend's house.

We reached the shopping centre close to 2pm. Took us a while as there was a jam at the causeway and we stopped by to pump gas.

We had lunch at Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant which serves fusion food-Thai, Chinese and Western mix. The food is not too bad.

While shopping, we met CT's ex-colleagues there. So we went together to the house. Its a quiet and nice neighbourhood. Its like semi-detached houses in a security guarded compound. Interestingly, they even have a park and a swimming pool in the private estate compound area. How nice..

The food catered by my friend was AMAZING! Never had such buffet before in my life! Initially I thought I would be eating home cooked food and was slightly disappointed that it would be buffet as most buffets taste the same and offers the same kind of food. I forgot, I was in Malaysia and boy, oh boy...I was pleasantly surprised! It was like a night market!

There was a push cart with a wide variety of food in satay sticks ranging from pig intestines, to all sorts of balls, to bean curd stuff, to fish and even roast pork! You can either dip it in boiling satay sauce, or hot water or pass it to the guy to deep fry for you in hot oil where he will then add some special salt and sauce on the fried stuff.

It's really too awesome to be true!

You can see the prices written on the cart but it doesnt mean anything as it was free for us. It was a buffet which doesnt seem to run out of food!!

On the other side, we had people BBQ-ing stuff for us like chicken wings, sausages, sambal sting ray, satay and even cuttlefish! Yum!!

We also had fried Ipoh char kway teow as well as deep fried spring rolls and mexican churros.

There was also the usual buffet table set up in the garden serving the usual food like fried rice, veggies, salad, freshly cut fruits, dessert etc.

Oh course, I went for the unusual ones..rather than the normal buffet food.

Caleb made some friends there and was playing with them.

Also caught up with Gek Teng and Kok Fong who have their first kid. They were closest to us in US as our apartments were close to each other and Gek Teng was in US with me as the husbands went to work. So we spent lots of time in US talking, cooking together, watching TV, swimming, shopping etc etc.

I really do wish I can catch up with them some other time as I'm the type who will not let a relationship go so I feel God has placed people like them in my life for a reason and I should try to sustain this wonderful friendship.

We left JB at about 830pm. Reached back Singapore about 9 plus. Not too bad. Had a wonderful day! Happy 3rd Birthday Caleb!!


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