Saturday, July 31, 2010

National Day Preview 2010

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, July 31, 2010
This year, my school's choir was involved in the National Day Parade. So I had colleagues who had to go down every week for the full day rehearsal. So they have been watching the parade and the fireworks numerous times. They could tell me what time the fighter jets would appear and what time the fireworks would start.

So I took this opportunity to go down for the National Day Preview and decided to let the kids see mainly the fighter jets and fireworks. My colleague told me to be there by 615pm for the fighter jets and so we did. We parked at Marina Square and walked to Esplanade Bay area and waited for the planes to come by.

We first spotted the parachuters...

In between time, we took pictures of the surroundings while the kids were running about and just soaking in the surrounding atmosphere.

There were boats, helicopters occasionally passing us by.

When the fighter jets flew on top of us, Caleb and Danielle were pretty scared. Both of them started crying because it was way too loud for them.

After that, we went for dinner as the fireworks would start later when the sky gets dark. Had dinner at Thai express. While sitting in the restaurant, we could still hear fighter jets flying in the sky. Danielle quickly covered her ears and shouted, "Loud Loud!"

Well, at least it was bearable for her this time since we were indoors.

We ordered fried olive rice and noodles as well as a bowl of tom yam soup. The kids took the rice. They loved it.

Danielle enjoyed feeding herself. She didnt like anyone to feed her. If we tried feeding her, she would scream and start crying. Oh well, its good that she is more independent. We just had to bear with the mess. Its all part of their learning. I am fine with this kind of mess.

After dinner, we sat on the steps outside Esplanade to enjoy the live music while waiting for the fireworks. It wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be. Bearable and very enjoyable. Both my children enjoyed the music and the breeze.

The fireworks came out from the bay area just in front of esplanade. So we were just in front of the fireworks and oh boy, I have never been so close to it in my life!

It was really an experience of a lifetime being so close to the fireworks. An experience I don't think I will ever do it again. Reason is because we were so close to the fireworks that all those black ashes from the fireworks started drizzling down on us! It was a real 4D experience!! It was fun but yet at times, we felt as if the fireworks may just burn us. Haha. But of course, nothing happened after that and we didnt suffer much from the effect. It was just scary at that moment since we have never experienced it before.

Anyway, we had a really enjoyable night and the children kept talking about it all the way home in the car.


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