Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yet another celebration..

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, July 18, 2010
Thank God for family and friends! Caleb's birthday celebration just keeps going on and on and on...

Tonight, I celebrated Caleb's birthday at my mum's place. But just before that, I went for the racial harmony celebration which is always a big thing in my estate annually with free games and food for the public.

The downside was that the weather was against us. It was drizzling. So many people seek shelter under the tents which was so crowded. So I didnt manage to walk through the whole stretch.

There was animal rides, paddle boats, reverse bungee, as well as free wii games for the children to play.

They also had free balloon sculpturing for the kids which I didnt take as the queue was quite long.

After staying for just a short while, we made our way to my parent's place for dinner.

Invited Marianne and family too since she's Caleb and Danielle's god ma. She brought a watermelon over and it was very nicely decorated by Phoebe!

There were lots of food! (why am I not surprised?)

There were roast pork, char siew, jelly, chicken wings, fish balls, sausages, bee hoon, macaroni salad etc.

And also a big pot of chicken curry as well as chicken rice wine.

The kids had lots of fun together as well.

They were busy feeding Ashley.

And they were playing with the tricycle, skate scooter and car.

They were also watching cartoons together.

Now that they are older, its more fun as they play together.

After everyone has eaten, it was time for cake cutting. I think Caleb has been eating lots and lots of cake this whole week! Am sure he is not complaining since he loves eating cake!

Ordered this cake from Prima Deli. When Caleb saw the cars, he was so happy and immediately played with it until it became like that....

Anyway, I was really glad he was having fun and enjoying his party!

The party ended off with the kids playing with the fire sparklers which the kids kept coming back for more.. The adults were so scared of their safety but thank God, there was no injuries.

This finally concludes Caleb's 3rd birthday party celebration for this year! Happy Birthday Caleb. May you grow up to be a brave and loving boy who seeks after God's heart as you touch and inspire the people around you. Daddy and Mummy loves you!


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