Saturday, April 16, 2011

CT returns..

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, April 16, 2011
CT has been away for almost 2 weeks and it felt like ages. But thankfully, I was so busy with work that time flies by quickly. Went to airport to pick CT up and I was so touched when my cell group leader, Daniel and Rachel also went along to welcome CT home. That was a very sweet gesture!

Initially, CT thought of coming home by himself since I have swimming meet the next morning. But I insisted since I knew I would also be at home waiting for him to come home and thus not being able to sleep. So, I might as well, go to the airport to welcome him!

Anyway, the next day, went for my Public Service swimming meet by taxi at Civil Service Club. The same, usual place every year...

They renovated the kids' pool and its nicer with the slide and waterfall.

The reason why I make sure I attend this every year is because I feel competition is in my blood..I will feel something is missing if I do not compete. I also enjoy meeting up with my old swimming friends and making new ones.

And lastly, I have to admit, its the goodies that I get that is the main attraction. Every year, I get new swimming costumes, 2 -3 shirts, one shorts, bag, swimming goggles, swimming cap etc. The list goes on. Thanks to our sponsors like Arena! We would also get extra from last years' prize money from our winnings. This year, Li Ning also sponsored us. So we have extra Li Ning bag and water bottle! Yay!

This year, I swam 50m back, 50m free, and 2 relays. Irritating thing was that I was up against a Filipino female Olympic Swimmer who just joined this year and she was in every event I was down. My results: 3 events- 4th position and 1 event- gold. Oh least I have one gold. ;)

My family came down to support me in the later part of the morning. Danielle and Caleb swam in the children's pool. After the meet, we bought lunch back home to eat as it was quite late and the kids were tired.

After reaching home, CT surprised me with his biggest buy in US. I actually went to check my email and he sent me a apple ipad website and just said, "Surprise" in the mail. I was thinking what is the surprise since its just a website. I really didnt expect anything since he has already gotten me a new Diesel watch from US that costs US$100! So I questioned him about what surprise and he just refused to say anything but smile. So I went to search my drawers and found this!!

I was shocked and speechless..also very happy!! For those who know my hubby, he is not one who would spend extravagantly and for him to buy that for me, it is amazing! Very touched. Thanks CT!! You're the best!


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