Sunday, April 10, 2011

having fun together

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, April 10, 2011
I think ever since Danielle has started going to school,taking the school bus with korkor, she seemed to have matured and grown closer to Caleb.

Here's Danielle still trying to get used to the school hours as she fell asleep at the sofa while watching TV in the evening at about 6pm.

Then after dinner, she and korkor were playing with the pram. Danielle sits on it while Caleb would be pulling her around. How cute.

The next day, there's Danielle and Caleb playing together I got out my old Singapore Airlines Mastermind game. The kids had fun putting in the pins into the holes.

Another night, both of them started playing "doctor" to each other by taking Vicky's earphones as the stethoscope. The funny thing was how Danielle used the 'stethoscope' to hear Caleb's feet! haha.

And there's Caleb playing injured and showing his hand to the doctor. Then Danielle used the 'stethoscope' to hear his hand. So funny. I really wonder where they learn this.

There's Dr Danielle.

On one Sunday, I did art and craft with the children. It was actually for Caleb's school work. His teacher required the parents to do art with the child and submit the
work. The theme was underwater creatures, using recycled materials. So I decided to make a turtle with him. I also had to teach him a line or two about the sea creature that I made so that he could go to school and present his artwork to the class. I was actually a little stress as I thought about what to do.

I knew I couldn't be doing the artwork without Danielle's participation. I was sure she wanted to join in too. So I had to prepare the materials just for this. Quite an effort I would say since its not natural for me to do such things with my kids.

However, I have to say that I do appreciate the school for asking the parent to do this art work with the child as it is a great time for bonding and at the end of it all, I'm sure the kids had fun and they would be filled with joy and pride just looking at their finished work!

So instead of fighting and struggling with what we do not like to do, its better to just bear with it,embrace it and learn to enjoy! Something good will definitely come out of it!


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