Friday, April 01, 2011

Danielle's first day in school

Posted by Dawn at Friday, April 01, 2011
It was Danielle's first day in school today at a young age of slightly less than 2 years, 4 months old. Of course, I was excited. Not nervous but just curious as to how she would cope. I knew deep inside me that my girl would do well as she has been adjusting well to Sunday school in church and I trust God to take care of her.

Moreover, each time when she goes down with my helper to see her big brother, Caleb off to the school bus, she would cry as she wants to join him. Few days ago, she was also wearing her school uniform with pride and joy so much so that she did not want to remove it!

So finally, today was the day when she could finally join Caleb in the school bus and go to school together. I had work that day. But I managed to come out during lunch to just drop by to see her in school.

Initially, I was still wondering if I should go to school to see Danielle as I was afraid if she saw me, she would start crying and start sticking to me. But I finally went as I just knew I had to be there, given it's my daughter's first day!

And I am glad I did as the teacher came by and whispered to me that she was doing well and my heart just melted seeing my daughter all dressed up in the school uniform and having her hair neatly tied up. Funny thing was that Danielle didnt even notice me. She was busy looking around and holding the teacher's hands to go back to the classroom from her lunch area.

That was the only shot I got of her. (She's right in front holding the teacher's hand)

Though I only saw Danielle for less than 2 mins, I was glad I went just to take a look at her. It meant so much to see my daughter in her school on the 1st day and I thank God for allowing her to cope so well! (Prayers answered!)

After school, I waited for her and Caleb down at my block. Pretty exciting to wait in anticipation for their arrival...

Here's what both of them were doing when we picked them up from the school bus

After carrying them out, they woke up and there and then, I knew I had to take a picture with Danielle! So proud of her for doing well on her first day!

Back at home, she also started to do everything all by herself. Then I thought, my daughter has grown up..

She was also starving when she got home.

Welcome home Caleb and Danielle. Its nice to see you guys all grown up, taking the bus together and going to school together. I pray that God will keep you close together and that you will grow up loving and enjoying each others company.


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