Friday, August 30, 2013

Tiring but satisfying..

Posted by Dawn at Friday, August 30, 2013
I always feel a little embarrassed to say whenever people ask me how's life at home because I wish I can burst out excitedly and tell them," Awesome!!" (without them getting a tinge of jealousy). I don't wish to rub any salt if I can help it but seriously, I am enjoying myself-doing the things I love and yet having space to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

Here's my rough schedule for most of the days

630am: Eyes open as CT leaves for work early and I usually get woken up by him since I am a light sleeper
Lie in bed for a while more, reading my handphone stuff- check Facebook and Instagram.
7am: Get out of bed officially
715am: Do my quiet time
730am - greet Caleb and talk to him as he takes his milk.Danielle would still be in bed or maybe just woke up.
About 8am- quiet time with the children by sharing bible stories.
Then, I would double check that they finished their homework and see if any needs revising.
830am- Children have their breakfast
9am- Bathe. Then play
940am- Pray with children before they goes off to school
950am - School bus arrives, children goes off to school
10am- Do internet surfing
11am- Plan for what to cook for family. If I have an idea, I would spend my time in kitchen getting the ingredients ready. If no inspiration, I would just watch TV and have lunch in front. Catch US and Australia shows- Graceland, Masterchef, Top Chef

I would usually watch for about 2 hours. Then I would do some reading or playing of games in my ipad.

I would usually use this space to either cook something or do something silly like this!

The children comes home at 330pm. I would spend time with them playing or doing something together before they go off to play on their own.

We did some bookmarks 2 days ago and now. I started on my 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle project.

Yesterday, I brought them to the rooftop garden as I did some reading while they were cycling and playing

Spending time with them has been tiring but very fulfilling as I get to learn a lot from them and about them each day. It has been a joy to stay at home and hopefully, I can inspire them and train them up to what God wants them to be.

Being at home and being with my children is definitely priceless! I am glad I made this decision and pray that God will take care of all my household needs and bless my family!

Went to the nearby wet market with Danielle


Sher on Friday, August 30, 2013 said...

they have homework?!

Dawn on Saturday, August 31, 2013 said...

Can't run away from the Singapore educational system and mindset right? But thankfully their kindergarten gives them minimal work and not every day. So not that bad..

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