Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A decision I have not regretted

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, September 11, 2013
My decision to quit my teaching job for 10 years to stay at home to be with my children has been nothing but joy. I never knew it could be so liberating. I remembered when I took my maternity leave after giving birth to my second one-I couldn't take staying at home and being with the children as after a while, they got into me with all their crying. So, I guess there's a time for everything and this decision to stay at home for this season has been timely.

For stay-at-home mums, maybe they have higher expectations of their children as they may use the guilt card on them- "Since I quit my well -paying job to take care of you, you better be a good child and do well in your studies etc etc.." I know the kind of frustrations it can turn into when their children end up being a monster as mums will tend to doubt themselves whether they have made the right decision or not and feel so unaccomplished since they cant find any purpose anymore. Oh gosh. Cant imagine.

I love to fast forward my life to envision what I will be so that I can learn to avoid certain obstacles or unpleasantness by changing what I do in this present moment. It will definitely save a lot of heartache and pain.

Anyway, I cant help but thank God for my hubby and children everyday. They have been a joy to be with and it's just nice to act goofy around my children without them judging me! There's so much I have learnt and will continue to learn from them! But for now, it has been one enjoyable and pleasant journey.


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